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The White House issued the comments during the Press Secretary’s daily briefing, in which he initially seemed to defend the use of medical cannabis.

White House

The New York State Assembly voted last week in favor of a bill that would seal the police records of those who have been arrested for cannabis convictions.


Members of Texas’s law enforcement community are growing increasingly vocal about liberalizing the state’s cannabis laws.


A Colorado town has found a unique way to cash in on the Green Rush – opening what is believed to be the state’s first drive-thru cannabis dispensary.

Drive-Thru Dispensary

The governor of Idaho stated in a letter to President Trump that he hoped the chief executive would crack down harder on unauthorized cannabis.


Qualifying conditions for whole plant medicine would include cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, PTSD, Parkinson’s disease, and Huntington’s disease.


A study recently unveiled by the American Epilepsy Society (AES) confirms CBD is effective in combating epilepsy – and totally contradicts the DEA.

American Epilepsy Society

American film producer Mitch Stein was abruptly detained and deported from New Zealand after authorities found him to be in possession of medical cannabis.

After a year-long battle, South Africa has indicated that it intends to allow for the production of cannabis for medicinal purposes.

South Africa

The citizen-led cannabis legalization activist group Safer Arizona has begun a petition drive that would place a legalization measure on the 2018 ballot.

Safer Arizona

State officials received a tip from the U.S. Post Office that a number of unapproved CBD oils were being sold by licensed cannabis retailers across Alaska.


A Colorado initiative would allocate millions of dollars made from the sale of cannabis to help those struggling with substance abuse.

Substance Abuse

Nadelmann’s announcement was met with an outpouring of support from members of the cannabis community, many of whom hold Nadelmann in high esteem.


However, the measure stipulates that the recreational use of cannabis – not to mention trafficking in the substance – would remain prohibited in Peru.

The DEA has removed from its website a series of inaccurate statements about the health effects of cannabis, following several months of public pressure.

The President wants to amp up the War on Drugs and will carry it out through an increasingly aggressive push against illegal immigration.


Multiple states are changing their rules on how businesses treat cannabis-using employees when the practice takes place outside of working hours.

Drug Tests

The $10 million project is aimed towards regularly producing in the near future medical cannabis that will serve the needs of the state’s patients.


This new documentary seeks to raise greater awareness in the medical community about the efficacy of using medical cannabis.


The announcement was met with muted approval from critics, who said that while the policy change was welcome, it did not go nearly far enough.


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