Stephen Calabria

Stephen Calabria is a journalist currently living in New York City. His work has also appeared in The Huffington Post, Deutsche Welle, and Talking Points Memo, among other outlets.

The cannabis trials to measure the effects of medical cannabis in treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is officially under way.

Cannabis Trials

Multiple studies have been conducted over the years to determine if an individual’s driving ability may be impaired by cannabis use.


Richard Kirk maintained that the cannabis edible he ate before the fatal encounter with his wife had a dangerous effect on his psyche.

Richard Kirk

Sen. Jeff B. Sessions was confirmed on Wednesday, capping a rocky confirmation process in which Senate Democrats were eager to scuttle his nomination.


Files released as part of a class-action lawsuit against the NFL revealed that the league has been responsible for prescription painkillers abuse.


Rep. Morgan submitted a bill identical to this new Legitimate Use of Medicinal Marijuana Act three years ago, but ultimately it was not passed.

Rep. Morgan

One opposed voter expressed concern about how President Trump could react to even greater access to recreational cannabis in Alaska.

Kentucky tobacco farmers have recently turned to hemp, transforming the Bluegrass state into one of the country’s greatest producers of the substance.

Kentucky tobacco farmers

Featured in the New York Times Sunday Review, Catherine Hiller’s new book “Just Say Yes: A Marijuana Memoir” is essential reading for all cannabis enthusiasts.

Just Say Yes

A key body within the Irish government is pushing for the country to provide funding for medical cannabis for long-term patients.


Many cannabis activists are wondering how Colorado-based federal appellate court judge Neil Gorsuch will approach cannabis issues, should he be confirmed.

Neil Gorsuch

The road to cannabis legalization has been long and arduous. But, while progress may be slow, the arc of the universe bends toward justice.

The Oregon initiative aims to protect employees from losing their jobs over recreational cannabis use that takes place outside of the workplace.

recreational cannabis

Senator Sessions was asked during a confirmation hearing whether he had ever supported the death penalty for individuals twice found to be cannabis dealers.


Everyone loves smoking out of an apple pipe, but will we soon be smoking out of Apple vapes? Judging by this patent, the answer is “yes”.


A new bill making its way through the Wyoming state government would create a series of new crimes around the use of drugs during pregnancy.


14 district attorneys from across the country, from both legalized and illegal states, are President Trump’s new cannabis policy advisors.


Recreational cannabis is officially legal in Maine today, following the razor-thin approval of a November ballot initiative and months of legal wrangling.


The governor of Arkansas signed two bills that affect the state’s recent medical cannabis initiative, though questions remain over their implementation.


States throughout the country that voted to expand access to medical or recreational cannabis have seen delays to the implementation of their laws.


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