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Stephen Calabria is a journalist currently living in New York City. His work has also appeared in The Huffington Post, Deutsche Welle, and Talking Points Memo, among other outlets.

The initiative would allow for the possession, cultivation, and sale of cannabis, and the owning of establishments that sell cannabis in Missouri.


This is the Senator’s sixth submission to start a medicinal cannabis program in Indiana, one of the few states left that does not allow any use.


The Air Force is changing the way it processes potential recruits who admit to having used cannabis before joining the service.

Air Force

The California state Legislature is set to begin debate on multiple new bills relating to cannabis, such as the prohibition of cannabis advertising.


New Mexico has a forward-thinking approach to medical cannabis, but views on recreational use continue to err on the more punitive side.

New Mexico

The United Nations last week elected as its next leader the former prime minister of Portugal – the man who decriminalize the use of all drugs.

United Nations

The decision that the insurance company must pay for this man’s medical cannabis prescription could have far-reaching implications.


A Craigslist advert is selling “empty” sandwich bags for up to $325 and filling them with cannabis, a tactic which state authorities say is still illegal.

Sandwich Bags

Prominent public officials in Houston have signaled that they are planning a restructure of the ways in which the city’s cops deal with cannabis.


Canada has 3,000 military veterans who use medical cannabis. Many have spoken out about how they feel at risk after a recent postal blunder.


An outspoken member of the Congress last week penned an op-ed calling for the federal government to lift its ban on cannabis.


AmeriCann says that their new facility in the Southeastern Massachusetts town of Freetown will measure over 1 million square feet.


Sen. Perry Clark (D) is speaking out and thinks that legalizing cannabis in Kentucky would mark an end to many of the lies surrounding the plant.


A new report indicates that a key international organization plans to hold a special session in the near future about reclassifying cannabis.


Two bills have been submitted for filing for the Missouri state Senate’s 2017 legislative session to pave the way for a new medical cannabis program.


In the second installment of an ongoing series, entrepreneurs provide us with their most unusual stories about working in the cannabis space.


The Arizona Court of Appeals has ruled that the state’s medical cannabis patients who have been charged with a DUI may contest the charges against them.

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery’s argument was heard – and ultimately rejected – by the 3-judge panel of the Arizona Court of Appeals.


The conservative governor of Maine has called for the state to end its medical cannabis program, six weeks after legalizing recreational cannabis.


The nation’s oldest hospice announced this week that it would be studying ways in which medical cannabis may be used to help dying patients.


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