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Stephen Calabria is a journalist currently living in New York City. His work has also appeared in The Huffington Post, Deutsche Welle, and Talking Points Memo, among other outlets.

A major focus of the study is to measure the safety and efficacy of using cannabis to treat the symptoms of chronic PTSD.


A federal appeals court has upheld a lower court’s ruling that placed a ban on firearms sales to those who carry a medical cannabis card.


Support for cannabis legalization has skyrocketed across multiple political, geographic, and generational divides in the past several months.

Cannabis Legalization

Over the course of the campaign, Hillary Clinton has offered encouraging glimpses into how she would tackle cannabis policy.

Hillary Clinton

In a Donald Trump administration, an Att. General Chris Christie could force a shutdown of all recreational cannabis operations made legal under state law.

Donald Trump

The medical cannabis regime in Florida is preparing to take flight, with the Sunshine State’s first dispensaries set to open next week.


Described as a scene from ‘the Walking Dead’, 33 people were hospitalized in New York City after reportedly overdosing on synthetic weed.

Synthetic Weed

For patients suffering from dozens of different medical conditions, studies have found that cannabis is often just what the doctor ordered.


Was the proposal to liberalize the nation’s cannabis laws nothing more than an elaborate ruse to appease the country’s legalization advocates?

Rapper Cam’Ron is reportedly planning to launch a line of flavored cannabis, which would coincide with the autumn release of the star’s forthcoming album.


According to new data released, cannabis use among teens has remained steady since legalization. But the state with the lowest teen use is quite unexpected.

In the study, cannabis was found to have little to no effect on the body’s health, with the exception of users’ teeth. But why?

cannabis harms teeth

The banking reform sees the Treasury refraining from using federal funds to target banks that open accounts for cannabis-related businesses in legal states.

banking reform

The survey found a substantial majority of voters to be supportive of the legalization of medical cannabis, particularly when it comes to veterans.

Campaigners for Michigan’s November ballot are set to file a lawsuit over claims the number of required signatures fell short.

The NFL has signaled that it is open to allowing its players to consume medical cannabis as part of their injury recovery.

Montana cannabis activist groups are spending big in to get their issue on the November ballot.

Montana cannabis

The bill’s passage was not without opposition: While it sailed through the state House and was approved unanimously by the state Senate, the measure nonetheless overcame outside opposition.

The FDA’s conference later this month on the administration’s drug and device regulation will highlight the Canadian medical cannabis regime.

Medical cannabis tax imposed by the California legislature has been met with opposition from cannabis activists, who feel it will be patients who suffer.

medical cannabis tax

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