Steve Elliott

Steve Elliott is the author of The Little Black Book of Marijuana [2011, Peter Pauper Press; 3rd Edition 2017]. He writes the National News column for Northwest Leaf Magazine.

Every minute in the United States, someone gets arrested for cannabis possessions. Here’s what you should you do if you’re unlucky enough to be caught.


What started out as a relatively normal interview with Britain’s Prime Minister, Theresa May, got weird when she said pot leads to heroin and suicide.

Theresa May

Cannabis could be legally grown, sold and used in New Jersey under a new bill introduced Monday in the state Senate by Sen. Nicholas Scutari.

It’s a happy case of “No, it’s NOT too good to be true. It appears that daily doses of THC can help to slow, or even reverse, the cognitive decline that comes with aging.


Michigan cannabis advocates have submitted petition language, setting up a signature marijuana legalization drive and a potential 2018 ballot proposal.

facts is described as a “web based wholesale platform” for cannabis industry operators with an Alaska marijuana permit.


Oregon pot shops are no longer transcribing customer information at the door without first asking for their permission after a change in state law.


Washington state lawmakers are looking to crack down on billboards featuring cannabis plants, cuddly mascots or other images that could appeal to children.


Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said on April 18 that the Trump Administration would use cannabis possession as a reason for deporting immigrants.

You know how you can tell medical cannabis has reached the heartland of America? When it’s legalized in West Virginia. That’s what happened yesterday.

West Virginia

A global research firm has released their findings on cannabis use in Canada, encompassing public attitudes on usage, legalization and much more.


The low quality of cannabis provided by the federal pot farm to researchers may be impacting the results of their studies, according to experts.

Federal Pot Farm

They came, they saw, they listened… and left with tinctures, ointments, flowers, and a deeper understanding of something most of them had never tried.


There are plenty of winners when it comes to America’s sweeping tidal wave of cannabis legalization, but the beer industry might not be one of them.

beer sales

What’s the best, most intelligent reaction when your obnoxious Uncle Arnie goes off on his standard rant against weed? Here are a few suggestions.

against weed

How did cannabis ever acquired such a stigma, such that users of the herb are seen as less than acceptable members of society? Where did we go so wrong?

Having a dispensary game plan in place beforehand means that you’ll maximize the probability of a positive experience once you’re in the weed store.


Want to become an instant marijuana mogul in Washington? You just need $50 million, and you’ll own the state’s two biggest retail chains in a “joint” deal.

Retail cannabis sales

Seattle hasn’t given up. This city wants convenient cannabis. Now, Seattle will be a driving force behind a new push for legal weed delivery.

Washington State

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