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Steve Elliott is the author of The Little Black Book of Marijuana [2011, Peter Pauper Press; 3rd Edition 2017]. He writes the National News column for Northwest Leaf Magazine.

Here are a few pro tips for becoming an economical stoner.

It seems this DARE relic is coming back to haunt us…again.

How To Shut Down the Gateway Drug Theory

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker wants to drug test people on welfare.

Wisconsin's Gov. Scott Walker Wants To Drug Test People On Welfare

With the fast expansion of the cannabis industry around the globe, countries are competing to have the best ganja. But who is winning?

“It’s amazing. It’s really the start of the culmination of a four-year journey for us,” said one Maryland dispensary owner.

Finally! Maryland Started Selling Medical Marijuana

Whether you live in Oregon or you’re just visiting, here are the things you should know about the state’s marijuana laws.

Man smoking medical marijuana vapor from a plastic bag in his home.

Vape pens are a great way to smoke weed in public, but where do you get the cartridges if you don’t live in a green state? You make them, of course.

THC oil that will work in an E cigarette

Here is what you should know before you set off on your next weed vacation.

man buying cannabis

Sensationalized coverage of a child’s sudden death resulted in massive misinformation about an alleged “fatal marijuana overdose”.

Woman comforting her crying daughter

A recent poll found a big gap between public support for weed and current law in the big apple.

New York Recreational Cannabis Illegal

A rare poorly understood illness among cannabis users in legal states is generating controversy. But Is CHS caused by cannabis or chemical pesticides?

woman throwing up marijuana leaves from CHS

The government of Malta this week proposed allowing doctors to prescribe medical marijuana, but activists say the measure is too restrictive.

People clapping in Malta

Chris Christie doesn’t seem concerned with little things like facts. But in reality, opioid use has gone down by as much as 25% in medical marijuana states.

Chris Christie talking at a podium

A couple is suing the local cops and Nationwide Insurance after they were arrested when an insurance agent mistook their hibiscus plants for cannabis.

cute old woman getting mugshot taken

Montel Williams has mounted a lawsuit against several “scam” medical marijuana companies he says used his likeness to trick sick people.

Montel Williams Speaks At a News Conference In Support Of Making Maryland The 16th State To Legalize Medical Marijuana

Democrat Phil Murphy aims to pass a recreational cannabis legalization bill within his first 100 days.

Democratic candidate Phil Murphy

You would probably never think of Texas and legal weed in the same sentence, but with new legislation that’s about to change. Well, kind of.

Willie Nelson At Home In Texas

The life insurance industry is trying to cash in on cannabis legalization.

Life Insurance For Weed Smokers Is About To get 5 Times More Expensive

At what point does simple sloppy reporting become outright reefer madness propaganda? Newsweek seems determined to find exactly where that line lies.

enior man getting fed by carer in care home

One in three teens thinks smoking weed and driving is legal. What may be even more surprising is, according to several studies, they might have a point.

teens think driving high should be legal

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