Steve Elliott

Steve Elliott is the author of The Little Black Book of Marijuana [2011, Peter Pauper Press; 3rd Edition 2017]. He writes the National News column for Northwest Leaf Magazine.

Wisconsin is moving towards becoming the first state to legalize cannabis through the Legislature, rather than through a voter initiative at the ballot box.


The cannabis industry scored a win in the California Legislature as lawmakers killed a proposal which banning marijuana advertisements on clothing.


The tax windfalls associated with cannabis legalization in places like Colorado are becoming harder and harder to ignore.


Two cannabis farmers in Northern California have been charged with offering a sheriff a million dollar bribe to look the other way.


Police are facing questions on their priorities after a Texas couple was busted for marijuana while looking for a missing friend as Hurricane Harvey hit.

Hurricane Harvey

Stoned is the way of the walk. Now it’s not just Cypress Hill slinging that truth… it’s Science, too. A new study found pot smokers walk differently.


It may be hard to believe, but there’s currently only one small-cap stock poised to profit from the rising CBD market, and they don’t sell cannabis.

CBD Market

Steven Hoffman, a seasoned corporate executive who opposed cannabis legalization, on Thursday was named chair of the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission.

Steven Hoffman

Men who heavily smoke cannabis might face infertility problems, because weed seems to get sperm stoned, causing it to “swim in circles.”


New York City is recommending the reversal of the July revocation of a taxi driver’s professional license after he tested positive for cannabis.

Politicians in Maine now say recreational weed sales could be delayed until sometime in 2018 – more than 18 months after approval by voters.


A leaked report from the Oregon State Police last week gave weed haters like Attorney General Jeff Sessions a boost and upset legalization advocates.


We now have scientific evidence that cannabidiol (CBD) could be an effective replacement for opioids addiction, as well as useful in treating pain.


Employers can be sued for refusing to hire job applicants who test positive for medical marijuana, a federal judge in Connecticut ruled last week.


Border Patrol agents in Arizona found a large cache of cannabis in a van that had been cloned to look exactly like a Dish Network vehicle.

After attempting to classify CBD as a Schedule I controlled substance last year, the feds seem to finally be coming onboard.


A move is afoot in Utah, home of the ultra-conservative Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (the Mormons), to legalize medical marijuana there.


The National Conference of State Legislatures has approved a resolution urging that the Controlled Substances Act should be amended to remove cannabis.


Donald Trump’s opioid commission asked him this week to declare a national emergency to deal with the epidemic. Why wasn’t weed mentioned?

Opioid Commission

The leader of California’s cannabis industry has confirmed that growers produce eight times the amount of weed actually consumed in the state.

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