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I'm a passionate writer and copy editor living in Las Vegas, NV. My love for cannabis developed a bit later than most but it's never too late to put my writing talents to good use as a cannabis advocate. I also enjoy topics such as, health, fitness, spirituality and self-empowerment. You can find out more about me at:

A brand new study has just confirmed that when it comes to humans, regular pot use had virtually no effect on young, healthy kidneys.


Cannabis remains banned from all hotels, casinos, bars and even public sidewalks leaving many tourists unable to consume a legal substance well, legally.


Weed prices began to rise as early as three weeks into legal cannabis access, and there are two main factors contributing to rising prices.

weed prices

Why has the percentage of women who hold executive positions in the cannabis industry dropped significantly during the previous two years?


The relaxing quality of cannabis can interfere with our lives by making us a bit too tired to stay productive. Here’s how to combat couchlock.


Judge James Russell has lifted an order preventing regulators from issuing pot distribution licenses to companies not involved in alcohol distribution.


Experts are conducting the ‘first long-term investigation’ into cannabis use as a safer alternative to opioid use in the current opioid epidemic.


CBD water can go a long way towards administering doses of the cannabinoid to those who deal with chronic ailments such as, inflammation, pain, and anxiety.

CBD water

Tourists who are excited to partake in Sin City are caught between a rock and a hard place. It could be argued that legalization in Nevada is, too.

Las Vegas

Alcohol distributors have fought tooth and nail to get their cut of the action, and in Sin City, the liquor lobby gets what it wants

liquor lobby

New research from Washington State University sought to test the merits of old assumptions when asking, are stoners really more chill?


For someone who has referred to themselves as a Christian and a mean-spirited bigot in the same sentence, Ann Coulter’s views aren’t surprising.

Ann Coulter

Senator Cory Booker has introduced a landmark bill that would eliminate marijuana’s federal Schedule I status and incentivize state-based legalization.

Senator Cory Booker

Recreational marijuana sales going live on July 1 has been super exciting for Las Vegas’ residents, tourists, and the local economy.

Las Vegas

Scores of experiments have sought to prove that weed leads to impulsivity, hostility, poorer overall moods and bad-decision making.

Mood Swings

Caffeine is a stimulant while cannabis is largely a depressant, so doesn’t this confuse the body? Science has some answers.


HPV vaccines have long been controversial due to the long list of serious side effects documented by the World Health Organization.

HPV Vaccines

A private meeting between the DEA, local police and The Office of National Drug Control Policy in Colorado Springs to discuss cannabis is no joke.

Just two days ago, the Lower House of Parliament in Poland overwhelmingly (440 yay to 2 nay) voted in favor of medical marijuana legalization.


Cannabis is very effective in treating many disorders, and it can have an overall therapeutic effect that vastly improves the lives of older weed smokers.

Older Weed Smokers

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