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I'm a passionate writer and copy editor living in Las Vegas, NV. My love for cannabis developed a bit later than most but it's never too late to put my writing talents to good use as a cannabis advocate. I also enjoy topics such as, health, fitness, spirituality and self-empowerment. You can find out more about me at:

While women are finding that weed enhances their sexual arousal, some medical researchers claim that cannabis is associated with male erectile dysfunction.


Characterized by recurring bouts of nausea, abdominal distress, and frequent vomiting, cannabinoid hyperemesis is a relatively new discovery.

You may think that eating raw weed is a good way to avoid it showing up on a drug test. Well, here’s why you need to think again.

Raw Weed

What’s better than smoking a high-quality strain of bud? Mixing two high-quality strains of course. Simply put, mixing strains can get you higher.

mixing strains

Sessions’ position doesn’t reflect the facts and the consequences of his reinstatement of the war on drugs can have disastrous implications for the country.

Drug Epidemic

For some people, consuming too much weed can lead to the uncomfortable, anxiety-ridden phenomenon referred to as, Greening Out.

Greening Out

If all goes according to plan, July 1st will mark the first day of legal recreational marijuana sales in Las Vegas. How will this affect Sin City?

Las Vegas

Jeff Sessions appears to be a man on a mission when it comes to increasing federal drug enforcement. So get ready people, this just got real.

Jeff Sessions

Stressed out? A little pot can help with that, according to a new study. But just a little bit of weed may be all you need to get by.


Cannabis distillates are quickly emerging as a super potent form of the cannabinoid concentrate market, and they are not for the faint of heart.

cannabis distillates

A new study conducted by St. George’s University, London, sought to kill leukemia cells with a combination of chemotherapy drugs and cannabinoids.

Leukemia Cells

Cannabis as a cancer treatment not only for it symptoms but as a possible cure has been hotly debated and researched for some time.


Since cannabis dependence is much less severe than that of other dependencies, defining it has become a tricky task for many researchers.

cannabis dependence

Microdosing may be the future of cannabis medicine for patients who wish to reap the benefits of cannabis but want to avoid its mind-altering effects.


In spite of all the anti-pot propaganda out there spouting off false information, pot withdrawal symptoms are indeed real for some of us.

Withdrawal Symptoms

It shouldn’t be a surprise that a long-term study, spanning more than 30 years has revealed that cannabis may be a factor in improving eyesight over time.


Justice O’Neill seems to be one of the few lawmakers in Ohio who sees the common-sense benefits associated with decriminalizing weed in his state.

U.S. drug policy suffered a major setback last week when Jeff Sessions instructed prosecutors to pursue harsher charges against non-violent drug offenders.

Jeff Sessions

Numerous studies are proving cannabis is successfully curbing addictions to alcohol, opioids, heroin and other harmful substances.


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