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The Liberal Democrats say that if they if things go their way in the upcoming general election, they’ll legalize cannabis for UK citizens 18 and over.


New York permitted the use of cannabis for medical purposes in 2014, but the five dispensaries in the state have struggled to keep their businesses afloat

New York

A study conducted by the British Medical Journal found that individuals with higher IQs in childhood may be more likely to use cannabis by the age of 30.

Intelligent People Smoke Weed

It remains unclear whether or not the Trump administration poses a threat to state’s rights and patient’s rights when it comes to marijuana laws.


Good news for Nevada residents, tourists, and lovers of Sin City. The Silver State is on track to begin early retail cannabis sales this July 1.


Prime Minister Joseph Muscat wants to take that one step further through the “regularization” of recreational cannabis use within the country.


The increase in rules and red tape for the California cannabis industry might bring frustration, but the guidelines speak to how far the industry has come.


Simply admitting to border patrol that you have used cannabis at any point in the past means you could face permanent banishment from the US.

border patrol

The Rohrabacher-Farr amendment protects medical programs from federal enforcement by not allocating funds or other resources used for drug intervention.


All three approved medications: Marinol, Syndros, and Cesamet are derived from synthetic THC rather than the natural cannabis plant

synthetic THC

Last Friday, Mexico’s lower house of congress passed a bill to legalize medical marijuana. The votes in favor of legalization crushed the votes against it.


However, recreational cannabis is still somewhat vulnerable to potential enforcement if the current administration decides to act.


Federal approval of cannabis sounds like a dream, but if GMO companies monopolize the market, we might end up with harmful bud in the future.


Cannabis retail sales during the 420 holiday saw a 20 percent increase over the previous year and a 13 percent increase in customer traffic.

Retail cannabis sales

Premier property Trump SoHo in New York will be hosting the first-ever “Cannabis in Commercial Real Estate Summit NYC,” on May 4.

Real Estate

Let’s just hope that Rohrabacher-Farr is re-approved in time and that permanent measures are taken to protect citizen’s rights in legal states.


Riley Hancey gained attention over the past few months after the University of Utah Hospital had denied his transplant due to their no-cannabis policy.

Riley Hancey

Protecting the environment using hemp and phytoremediation is one of the growing list of reasons why cannabis should be legalized by the U.S. government.


Given the positive shift in cultural attitudes, coupled with increased legalization, one congressman sees full cannabis access by 2022.

Cannabis Access

Thanks to the Trump administration’s confusing stance, Colorado lawmakers have decided not to pursue plans to legalize social cannabis clubs in the state.

Cannabis Clubs

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