Tobias Coughlin-Bogue

Tobias is a culture reporter at Herb. His work has also appeared in The Stranger, Leafly News, Vice, Broadly, and—most importantly—Thrasher.

The NBA and NFL still ban all cannabis products even though many athletes say they help with pain.

BIG 3 Founder Ice Cube speaking at the 2018 BIG 3 Draft

Cheech Marin has one of the finest collections of Mexican-American art in the world.

Cheech Marin enjoys art at Barkar Hangar on January 25, 2018 in Santa Monica, California.

Colorado has been skittish about allowing social consumption. This mom and son are planning to normalize it.

Denver’s New Cannabis Lounge to Include Comedy Nights, Concerts, and Gaming

They join a growing number of athletes “coming out of the green closet” about how cannabis helped them cope with injuries they suffered on the field.

Kickball for Cannabis? Former Denver Broncos Players Hit the 4/20 Games

Lagunitas is putting all their craft beer mastery into brewing the perfect weed drink.

Lagunitas Brewing Co. Gets Into the Infused Beverage Game With "Hi-Fi Hops"

The Game was the face of a cannabis cryptocurrency startup that claimed it was going to revolutionize the industry.

The Game, recently sued over his involvement with a cannabis cryptocurrency company, pictured at a 2016 music video shoot.

The pot was being transported from California.

Police officer leads drug dog on search outside a home in Portland, Maine.

She called the cops on an 8-year-old girl in her neighborhood who was trying to sell bottled water for a trip to Disneyland.

Alison Ettel, also known as Permit Patty during a June 25th, 2018 interview with NBC Bay Area.

How you can tell whether a new “finding” is bullshit.

When It Comes To Cannabis Studies, Trust No One

It’s 3 feet long and wrapped in a 24k gold paper.

A $24,000 Joint Was Just Auctioned Off to Fight Elephant Poaching

D.C. cops are not happy about the loophole in the city’s weed sale ban.

D.C. Allows Weed To Be Gifted, Not Sold, So People Are Throwing Giveaway Parties

It’s better than DARE, but we still have a long way to go.

”Weeded Out”: Colorado’s Weed-Themed Game Show For Kids is…Not Good

Billy Caldwell ended up in the hospital after the UK confiscated cannabis oil his mom said he needs for his life-threatening seizures.

Charlotte Caldwell and her son Billy outside the Home Office in London

The feds are concerned Oregon’s cannabis industry is fueling black markets in the US.

man being arrested for cannabis diversion

Herb spoke to an Internet-based weed dealer in Seattle that believes that cannabis omnibus bill, SB 5131 leaves a loophole that is free to exploit.

Bike Cannabis Delivery

Owners of cannabis cafes in Paris are claiming that the marijuana they sell isn’t intended for smoking. However, customers lining up to visit the shops are adamant that they intend to toke.

Paris Cannabis Cafe

Charlotte Caldwell got caught trying to smuggle cannabis oil into the UK for her son after the government revoked his medical marijuana prescription.

Collage of Billy and his Mom Charlotte Caldwell

He did it in front of lawmakers considering cannabis reform.

Cannabis Activist in Israel Chugs Entire Bottle of CBD Oil to Prove a Point

NGO Health Poverty Action study argues that British cannabis prohibition allows criminals to thrive and marijuana’s medical benefits to go unexplored.

A doctor using a stethoscope on a patient. A CBC report says edibles have caused a spike in emergency room visits, and poor public education is partly to blame.

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