Even though weed will soon be legal, smoking of any kind could soon be illegal at beaches in the Golden State, if lawmakers have their way.


Despite still not being legal at the federal level, Alaska has taken a stand again by allowing canna-businesses to use the “Made In Alaska” logo.


With California just months away from legal recreational weed, the state is quickly putting laws together, which could see you slapped with a fine.


With no effective treatment available in the United Kingdom, the family of five-year-old Alfie Dingley is moving to stop his aggressive seizures.

Alfie Dingley

If you live in Arizona, and consume cannabis legally (as an Arizona medical cannabis patient), then the Arizona State University will want to talk to you.

Arizona State University

Unfortunately for those in California, while you can get your munchies delivered by drone, it won’t be the same for your weed.


In what was a case of mistaken identity, a couple was robbed after gang members mistook the smell of Phuopsis stylosa for the smell of that other flower.

Phuopsis stylosa

11-year-old Billy Caldwell became the first medical cannabis patient in the UK earlier this year. Now he is more than 300 days seizure free.

Billy Caldwell

If you want to elevate your education study sessions, there are universities that offer cannabis classes, beginning this fall.

Cannabis Classes

While PTSD has long been a problem for the military, it is America’s most recent wars that have pushed it to epidemic levels. This is how MDMA could help.


Olivia Newton-John is back in Australia, where she will champion medical cannabis while helping to raise money for her wellness and research center.

Olivia Newton-John

These days, more people are seeing the benefits of CBD oil. But some of those people are also pet owners, whose pets are benefiting from using CBD oil, too.


Recreational weed in California could be soon followed by legal psychedelics, as Californians might soon be able to consume Magic Mushrooms.

Magic Mushrooms

Canadian stoners should start to think of legalization as a time to celebrate by treating yourself to a new high-end device… or two.

The peacock that belonged to the Bill Levin, the founder of the First Church of Cannabis, has been murdered in bizarre circumstances.

The OG2 Rolling Stash Phone Case is not only perfect for those on the go, but also those who sometimes need a little more discretion.


In California, state legislators have taken another step toward banning canna-businesses from using cannabis merchandise as promotional items.

Cannabis Merchandise

China has become a cannabis superpower, with Chinese-developed hybrid species seeing plantations flourishing in the country’s disparate environments.


Despite a long and rich history with cannabis, Japan is a country that doesn’t talk about or recognize the potential benefits of the plant.


Colorado canna-businesses are bracing for a flood of outdoor grown weed, which could see a drop in the price of weed, which is good for locals.


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