After $22.8 million dollars’ worth of outdoor weed was found in a Bay Area reserve, it’s easy to see why so many Californians love getting back to nature.


While appearing on “Conan” to promote her new Netflix weed sitcom, Kathy Bates also took some time to advocate the use of weed in professional sports.

Kathy Bates

A notable cannabis advocate in the UK wrote an op-ed that explains why the legalization of weed will protect the youth by pushing out the criminal element.

Steve Rolles

Now, you can officially Netflix and chill with “The Netflix Collection,” thanks to a selection of strains based on its original shows.


With the inclusion of Roger Stone, many exhibitors and speakers have taken a stand, pulling out of the Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition.

Roger Stone

What’s worse than getting busted? That would be when the FedEx guy drops by with a package of weed when the bust is in progress.

The title could lead to a punch line, or a punch being thrown, but you can be sure that the latest episode of “Strange Buds” series will be interesting.


A Canadian woman has been issued a lifetime travel ban at a US border after officials found an email exchange with her doctor about a fentanyl overdose.


Last month, authorities seized over four pounds of cannabis from the meal cart of an Air India flight from Chennai, which resulted in an arrest.

Cabin Crew

As it’s still not legalized in New Zealand, one chef is putting his life aside to make sure that hemp thrives, which includes living in the back of his van.

Cameron Sims

In the United Kingdom, an accidental fire not only destroyed the roof of a home but also revealed someone’s grow, sending the sweet smoke into the street.


If you’re lucky, you may still be able to find yourself a pair of fresh pastel Tennis Hu kicks, the first release of Pharrell’s new collection from Adidas.


Just like his hero and television predecessor, Carl Sagan, Neil deGrasse Tyson also finds no reason in science for the weed prohibition.

Neil deGrasse Tyson

It doesn’t get much higher than this: Wikileaf has launched the first in-flight cannabis commercial with a major airline in the United States.


While the medical cannabis industry is booming in the United States, it’s Europe that’s had the most growth. Will this trend continue?


It’s not the plants growing, but also business, as Colorado’s dispensaries have made more than $750 million in cannabis sales at the halfway point of 2017.

Cannabis Sales

As early as next year, the New York borough of Brooklyn will be opening medical cannabis dispensaries.


In the latest episode of “Smoke Sessions,” three millennials sit on the couch, get elevated, and talk about what their parents know of their smoking habit.

Smoke Sessions

The MS Society is calling for medical weed to be legalized to help those battling the symptoms of multiple sclerosis in the UK.

MS Society

Even if you’re the law, if you post something on social media, prepare to be called out. Like these cops were with their weak weed busts.

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