Habit’s CBD tinctures are specifically formulated to amplify the healing capacity of cannabinoids, effectively expanding their therapeutic benefits.

CBD tinctures

Last week, an episode of Jay Leno’s Garage saw the host discover and drive the Renew, a revolutionary sports car made from woven hemp.

Jay Leno

While it assumes the name, synthetic cannabis is nothing like weed. There is a real danger with synthetic cannabis, which has seen a spate of recent deaths.

Synthetic Cannabis

During a police stop in Washington, a driver was found to have 54 times the legal limit of THC in his system, say locals authorities.

legal limit

Whether they’re selling coke, crack or smack, you have to wonder if dealers care about their customers once the transaction is over.

Drug Dealers

Some of these references to weed in kids’ TV shows might not have been so obvious when you were a kid. But hindsight makes things a lot clearer.

TV shows

Through his art, Daniel Fetcho is working to dispel the stereotypical stoner culture, creating paintings that use traditional Chinese techniques.

Daniel Fetcho

Now that it’s legal in Colorado, the state’s drug-sniffing canines might be to be retrained, as a recent court case proves.


Next week, smokers in Switzerland will be able to elevate themselves with Heimat cannabis cigarettes that will be able to be purchased from supermarkets.


With the recent legalization of weed in the state, one couple decided it was a nice day for a green wedding, by getting married in a Nevada grow house.

Nevada grow house

Forget using a Sharpie to doodle a beard onto a photograph of someone’s face… Instagram page peopleirollon is giving weed beards to the famous.


Found: $5.7 million dollars’ worth of weed. If it’s yours, you might want to rethink any ideas of claiming it from Italian authorities.


Helping clean up your city has many rewards, which also includes 15-pounds of weed dumped on the side of a Los Angeles highway.


Lyon police tore up a public art installation designed to transform a derelict patch of land after officers mistook it for a cannabis farm.


Earlier this year, Woody Harrelson surprised many by saying he was giving up weed. But it seems that it wasn’t a long-term goal.

Woody Harrelson

While many of the Founding Fathers definitely grew hemp, there is conflicting evidence out there to suggest they all actually smoked it.


Noisy fireworks are a big stressor for a lot of dogs. And often, these extend beyond just the evening show on the Fourth of July.


You might think you’re an expert on your favorite herb, but chances are you won’t know all these seven fun facts about weed.


You read that right: the DEA just admitted that weed causes “happiness” and has never killed a single person. So why is it still federally illegal?


It’s not just lawmakers that are finally starting to see the light, as people learn that cannabis does save lives, which one judge learned first-hand.


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