Are you spending too much money on weed? Times can be tough, and the days or weeks between payday seem to drag on and on.


For some, waking up means smoking a bowl and eating a bowl of cereal. Now, there’s a way to combine the two, in the form of this genius breakfast bowl.

Breakfast Bowl

If you thought the most recent of anti-weed PSAs were silly, wait until you see these outrageous versions from the past 70 years.

Anti-Weed PSAs

Chance the Rapper deserves every bit of praise and honor that accompanied his 2017 presented to him on the 2017 BET Awards stage.

Chance the Rapper

In an episode of his new show, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay visited a medical cannabis establishment and fell back on the stereotypical stoner for laughs.

Gordon Ramsay

Gov. Rick Scott signed a broader medical marijuana system for the state into law on Friday, building on Florida’s existing medical cannabis program.

While you probably won’t be inviting them over to smoke with you, a growing number of cops across America want cannabis legalized.


Aubrey Plaza blazed up with Sisters of the Valley – AKA “the Weed Nuns”, and both weed and religion are the big discussion topics.

Aubrey Plaza

Check out the magic that happened when Pizzanista! and G Pen launched their exciting new limited edition collaboration on 420.


On Tuesday, Prodigy, one-half of the influential hip hop duo Mobb Deep died, at the age of 42.


From a classic stoner comedy to a documentary that takes place at the center of the cannabis reform, Netflix has some great weed related entertainment.


Just like Colorado before it, California will soon have legal recreational cannabis, which should create a market that will be worth more than $5 billion.


Kelsey Darragh had tried almost everything to stop the chronic pain caused by a neurological condition, but she had not tried medical cannabis.

chronic pain

Forget flipping burgers, or tutoring other students – this young entrepreneur has found the way to supporting herself through university.


Just when you thought the industry couldn’t get any bigger, the total amount of Colorado weed sales were over $125 million.

Colorado Weed Sales

Cannabis edibles company, Dixie Elixir has released a delicious new limited edition memorial root beer, the LEBRE which helps support a worthy cause.

Root Beer

It seems the police in North Carolina have their priories wrong, as officers are arresting people for having one edible, but ignoring thousands of rapes.

North Carolina

From presidents who fought in wars while high to smoking the ashes of Pac, even those who don’t smoke will find some of these facts about weed fascinating.


A new study suggests those who use cannabis tend to have higher rates of income and more general satisfaction with their lives.


As cannabis continues in its ever-forward march to freedom, a new generation of online headshops have opened their virtual doors for modern consumers.


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