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Dried flower sales decline as consumers opt for alternate forms of consumption from edibles to vaping.

Dried Flower Sales Decline As Other Products Gain Popularity | Herb

Forget everything you thought you thought you knew about smuggling, as it turns out almost any product can and will be used to smuggle weed across borders

bell peppers

These Marijuana Moms smoke weed to unwind or deal with chronic pain. But, when the moms get together for their sessions, it’s not just smoking.

Marijuana Moms

This July, “The Biggest Little City in the World” is about to be even more fun, as the Reno City Council have allowed the sale of recreational cannabis.


These five unique features of Cloudious9’s Hydrology9 make for a product that will be on the wish list for many smokers, including you.


Soon, you’ll be able to buy your munchies, cigarettes, and weed from a vending machine, if American Green has anything to do it with.

Cannabis Vending Machines

With it first being released in the United Kingdom in 2016, Ben & Jerry decided it was time to rock some taste buds back in the States, too.

Bob Marley Ice Cream

Dr. Dabber is mostly known for vape pens, but their collection has grown to include glass and accessories that will definitely get your attention.

Dr. Dabber

Like the use of a peace pipe, it was the smoking of a joint that bonded Charlie Hunnam with Guy Ritchie, the director of King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.

Charlie Hunnam

When a police officer in Georgia pulled Katelyn Ebner over in April 2016, the waitress didn’t think she had anything to worry about.

Katelyn Ebner

In the post-legalization states, such as Colorado, cannabis connoisseurs can tie the knot with weed weddings, or a “weeding.”

weed weddings

Is it said that cannabis grows wildly in North Korea, and its citizens can allegedly buy it in large marketplaces and smoke it wherever they like.

North Korea

While inspecting two new Ford Fusions that had arrived in Minnesota from Mexico, a truck driver found bundles of cannabis stashed in the trunks of the cars.


The success of beating cancer comes with an ultimatum from Child Protective Services: use the bottles of chemo medication or risk losing your son.

Child Services

The Nug Nation have an interview with Nappy Roots, who stopped by the studio to be interviewed – in the bathroom, no less – by Bong Burgundy.

Nappy Roots

According to recently released findings from a new study conducted in Canada, cannabis may actually help decrease crack cocaine use in some people.


This week, Florida is back in the news, as the House of Representatives passed a new bill that bans people from smoking medical marijuana.


Yes, you read that correctly: a grandmother battling terminal cancer has been jailed for having THC from her medical marijuana in her system.

Angela Kastner

While THC is often the one compound that is singled out by people who love cannabis, the real superstar might just be CBD, as the following ten uses show.


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