For a lot of people, the “Most Magical Place On Earth” might not be as magical, as Disney has officially banned cannabis from its theme parks.

This clever video will educate you on how weed made its way to the United States and when and how it became a Schedule I narcotic.

Medical Cannabis Strains

The poll showed that those over 65 are the most opposed to legalization of cannabis, but the majority under age 65 supports it.


Even so early in the new year, cannabis sales are breaking records in Colorado, which could mean more growth for the industry.

Cannabis Sales

Found: 200 pounds of weed, with a street value of over a million dollars, easy. But where did it come from?


A video shot by a fellow classmate shows a high school student in California smoking what appears to be weed from a bong made from a Gatorade bottle.


Denver Mayor Michael Hancock has ordered a review into the “rampant fence-hopping, public pot-smoking, and slow trash cleanup” at the Civic Center.

Civic Center

A few weeks ago over 80 pounds of cannabis was seized in Texas, and the local authorities have just released the information and the photos.


You’ve smoked all your weed and you’re left with a whole bunch of stems that you can’t bring yourself to just throw out. Here’s what you can do with them.

The best buds are trimmed by hand, since machinery tends to beat up the bud, so an influx of workers – “trimmigants” – are hitting the Emerald Triangle.


CNN’s Anderson Cooper put together some of the best “pot-centric” 911 calls for The Ridiculist, so here’s what not to do when you’re elevated.

Anderson Cooper

Adulting is stressful. Cannabis helps destress you. Cannabis is great! Here are six perfect pairings of weed and activities that chill you the fuck out.

chill out

Cannabis and technology are a dream team of convenience and entertainment. These five 420 apps have you covered every day of the year.

420 apps

Kids say the darndest things, but having your daughter accidentally tell her teacher about the weed you’ve got growing in the backyard is next level.

Earlier this month, the fourth annual NoCo Hemp Expo took place, featuring more than 130 vendors and 60 speakers there to celebrate, you guessed it, hemp.


Sure, it looks like a children’s book with its illustrations and thick card pages, but the Scratch & Sniff Book of Weed is definitely not for the kids.


“Last Week Tonight’s” John Oliver was able to explain the mess that is the cannabis laws in the US, keeping the industry from further success.

John Oliver

The now-suspended school bus driver was not only behind the wheel but he was also allegedly under the influence of cannabis.

School Bus

Over 40 states now have access to a medical program. However, that doesn’t mean that access is easy to those who need it, as this ASA report confirms.


Another positive for the cannabis industry, helping move it into the mainstream and showing the real growth of the green, this time with motor sport.


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