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I've been writing for about eight years, mainly on art and tech for Vice, The Globe, and Mail, The Atlantic and Toronto Life. I worked at the SPACE channel for a year. I'm just wrapping up my first book, about the recent history of pinball, which Slash is writing the forward to.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s tone on cannabis took a sudden turn when he announced the city will be changing how it enforces cannabis laws.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio Wants Marijuana Justice Reform

A new petition is demanding the government includes criminal justice reform in its legalization plans.

Canada Inches Closer To Cannabis Legalization Without Addressing Pot-Related Arrests

Indiana allows CBD oil for epilepsy, but the girl’s particular form of epilepsy is not protected.

Child Protective Services Called On Parents Treating Kid With CBD Oil For Epilepsy

There’s been a wave of physicians moving to the Sunshine State to reinvent themselves.

One in five cannabis doctors in Florida has participated in malpractice

The company’s updated policy has some concerning language.

Will Facebook’s new guidelines be the death of cannabis pages?

In case we didn’t already know he’s a badass.

At 85, Willie Nelson Releases His 67th Album and a Weed Strain To Go With It

Award-winning cartoonist Box Brown takes on reefer madness.

Why NYT Bestselling Cartoonist Box Brown Is Taking On The History Of Cannabis

The entrepreneur founded a company to profit from recreational sales in Nevada.

“It kills you directly if it’s too potent.”

Maine Governor Paul LePage Blocks Recreational Marijuana Sales

Nevada’s Gaming Commission has banned weed “impairment.”

Las Vegas Casinos Are Now Required To Kick Out Anyone They Think Is High

For athletes, cannabis can result in fines, drug courses, and even expulsion.

Professional athletes admit to smoking weed

The woman who owns the critter was hysterical.

Raccoon Taken To A Fire Station After It Ate Too Much Weed

She said the country has a completely different work ethic and low productivity.

Conservative Party Member Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin Says Weed Will Make Canada As Unproductive As 'Jamaica'

They’re shutting it down for six weeks of cleanup.

Vancouver Officials Want 420 Fest To Pay For Trashing A Major Local Park

She wants him to understand how his policies affect people who made minor mistakes for their entire lives.

Kirsten Gillibrand Demands Jeff Sessions Meets With People Arrested For Pot Possession

His sentence sparked outrage in the hip-hop community.

Rapper Meek Mill Is Released From Prison Early By Pro-Reform DA Larry Krasner

Pro-cannabis candidate Beto O’Rourke could unseat Senator Ted Cruz.

Pro-Cannabis Democrat Beto O'Rourke May Actually Unseat Ted Cruz

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