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I've been writing for about eight years, mainly on art and tech for Vice, The Globe, and Mail, The Atlantic and Toronto Life. I worked at the SPACE channel for a year. I'm just wrapping up my first book, about the recent history of pinball, which Slash is writing the forward to.

Now Home Depot will be selling products that are specifically designed to grow marijuana on their website.

Home Depot partners w/ cannabis company

These college scholarships are courtesy of cannabis.

Thanks To Weed, 600 Students Will Get College Scholarships In Pueblo County

Lawmakers consider a bill that defines the smell of weed as a “public nuisance.”

Vermont Considers Fining Its Citizens For Smelling Like Weed

There’s more than studying happening at Harvard.

Nearly Half Of Ivy League Students Smoke Weed, Survey Finds

“Operation Pipe Dreams” required $12 million and around 2,000 members of law enforcement.

Operation Pipe Dreams: When The Feds Spent Millions Rounding Up Bong Sellers

They included the weight of the butter in his cannabutter when judging how much pot he had.

Rainbow City Man Gets Arrested For Pot After Outing Cop Corruption

What is happening to YouTube’s weed channels?

Is Youtube is turning its back on cannabis?

Mike Jeffcoat, a baseball coach for Texas Wesleyan University, was fired after sending a preemptive rejection letter.

Baseball Team

He brought a bunch of A-list actors in their ballgowns and tuxes along for the ride.

Jimmy Kimmel Busts Some Stoners On Live TV During The Academy Awards

They wanted a dispensary to pay them $20,000 for selling “Jolly Meds” because they look like Jolly Ranchers.

The Hershey Company Sues Cannabis Companies For Ripping Off Their Candies

The company plans to make them available around the world.

Constellation Brands of Corona, Modelo To Make Cannabis Beverages

Over the course of 15 years, Samantha Jenkins was arrested 19 times for stealing steaks from the grocery store.

How St. Louis County Residents Get Trapped By Fees And Jail Following Petty Crimes

Just in case you forgot about that edible from the Vegas strip in your pocket.

Las Vegas Introduces Weed Deposit Bins At Their Airports

The director of Clerks and Mallrats was at a show in Glendale California when he suffered a heart attack that could have killed him.

Kevin Smith Heart Attack

There’s an increasing demand for heroin among addicts in the U.S. who can no longer access or afford prescription opioids.

Mexican Cartels Start Pushing Heroin Following U.S. Marijuana Legalization

According to Denver’s Department of Public Health and Environment, the energy usage is “significant”.


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