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I've been writing for about eight years, mainly on art and tech for Vice, The Globe, and Mail, The Atlantic and Toronto Life. I worked at the SPACE channel for a year. I'm just wrapping up my first book, about the recent history of pinball, which Slash is writing the forward to.

Bill Nye, The Science Guy has a lot to say about the unlocked medical potential of weed.

Bill Nye Medical marijuana research

“Doobies grow boobies,” he told them.

police talking to a little boy

One of the most iconic games of our generation now has weed.

The Sims Game Finally Has Weed After Two Decades On The Market

“We could use those resources to solve homicides,” the city’s District Attorney said.

Philadelphia D.A. Larry Krasner Announces The City Will No Longer Prosecute Marijuana Possession

George David Banks, a member of Trump’s National Economic Council, dismissed himself after learning his history with marijuana would limit security clearance.

Canada would like an accurate read on the country’s current smoking habits. And they’re willing to get real smelly to do it.

Construction workers about a mile into the new tunnel being constructed on the Clean Rivers Project. It is part of DC Water's program to reduce overflows from sewers into the Anacostia and Potomac Rivers and Rock Creek. (Photo by Jonathan Newton / The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Since 2012, the number of weed packages mailed to or from Colorado has nearly tripled. 

Women carrying packages off of a truck mail weed

Currently, the court has to show that an officer acted with ‘malice’ when they killed a civilian, otherwise, they are immune to prosecution.

Protests against police violence in Charlotte

People are leaving angry Amazon reviews after scorching their lungs. Will the stupidity ever end?

people are trying to vape food concentrates

A recent profile in The Guardian revealed the life of a Vietnamese child forced into slavery at a secret cannabis farm in the United Kingdom.

Police raiding a house

Bernie Sanders has launched a petition on his official website to end the war on drugs.

Bernie Sanders launches a petition to legalize weed

Rebekah Martinez was reported missing by her mother who feared for her life. Turns out she was just growing California’s finest Kush.


If you were sentenced for crack on August 4th, 2010, you have an entirely different penalty than if were sentenced on August 2nd.


Only patients with epilepsy are eligible for cannabis in the conservative state.


There were storage bins of flower throughout the house.

police officer with a bag of marijuana

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