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I've been writing for about eight years, mainly on art and tech for Vice, The Globe, and Mail, The Atlantic and Toronto Life. I worked at the SPACE channel for a year. I'm just wrapping up my first book, about the recent history of pinball, which Slash is writing the forward to.

Adults over the age of 21 can now legally light up, but the state still has a lot to figure out when it comes to sales.

On the porch of his Laguna Woods home, Robert Evans, 52

Federal law prohibits all recreational and medical marijuana users from owning firearms or ammunition.

Medical Marijuana Patients Forced To Give Up Guns

Mexican Authorities and the CIA confiscated a van with massive amounts of ammunition, marijuana, and a bazooka used to fire pounds of pot across the border.

Mexican Cartels Weed Bazooka

A new study out of the New York University School of Medicine reveals that now, more than ever, Baby Boomers are less intimidated by marijuana.

Older man blowing out smoke

Having acquired over 100,000 more signatures than necessary the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol have put weed on the ballot for 2018.

Hash Bash protests for marijuana legalization

Like its alcohol, customers only have to be 18 years old to purchase marijuana. Canada’s little taste of Europe has always had a more laid-back way of life.

man waits for his plate of poutine

Though marijuana still remains illegal in the UK, the usage of CBD oil has skyrocketed to over 250,000 people using it to find relief.

Women vapes a CBD oil made from hemp

Are aliens trying to tempt us into an intergalactic smoke session?

a dark red highly-elongated metallic or rocky object, about 400 metres long,

As legal weed aims to disrupt Big Pharma, the threat of a new monopoly looms overhead. But there are even more insidious threats to the cannabis industry.

An employee checks nearly matured medical marijuana plants in a climate controlled growing room

Chief Constable Mike Barton of the Durham police force believes that the war on drugs is hurting addicts and innocents.

Woman puts incense in front of UK police face

Ethan Cutkosky, an actor in Showtime series Shameless was arrested for driving high after police said they smelled burning weed coming from the actor’s car.

Shameless star Ethan Cutkosky was arrested for smoking weed and driving and gets a DUI

Unsatisfied with most anxiety treatments, one Hawaiian physician is suggesting a particularly new wavey strategy: sensory deprivation tanks.

TRANQUILITYFLOAT-January 28, 2003-Serge Therrien, relaxes in a sensory deprivation tank

President Trump’s view on marijuana has been notoriously erratic. Nothing has been done to stop states from legalizing, but are we standing on thin ice?

Mural Depicts Donald Trump And Vladimir Putin

Some locals believe that Las Vegas is forcing casinos to take such a hard stand on cannabis because it doesn’t produce a “gamblers high”.

man smoking joint infant of Nevada casino

New Brunswick just proposed a law that would force citizens to treat weed at home the same way they treat firearms.

New Brunswick wants to force marijuana users to lock up their weed at home

If you’re in Vermont and see a yellow Jeep cruising by with 420 on the bumper, then wave hello to the longest-serving attorney general in state history.

Former Vermont Attorney General Bill Sorrell Jeep Has A 420 License Plate

Raphael Mechoulam is an Israeli scientist has spent 50 years of his life studying cannabis and has presumably been around some pretty dank nugs.

World’s Most Prominent Weed Chemist has Never Smoked the Stuff

When the world finally succumbs to nuclear winter, at least you’ll know there will still be a place where you can pick up weed.

A former regional government nuclear bunker stands in Ballymena, U.K., on Thursday, Feb. 4, 2016. The property that was opened in 1990 and designed to accommodate over 200 people is being marketed by Lambert Smith Hampton Ltd..

“It was brutal, says Harrelson “I’ve never met a more narcissistic man”,

Woody Harrelson Smoked A Joint To Deal With Trump

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