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Best Dispensaries In San Bernardino, CA

Whether you're a local or just visiting, there's plenty to see and do in San Bernardino. Here are the best dispensaries in the city.

The city of San Bernardino, which is part of the Inland Empire, is renowned for its breathtaking natural surroundings, fascinating past, and thrilling recreational options. The vibrant cannabis sector in San Bernardino is one of the city’s main draws.

San Bernardino has a lot to offer in terms of activities to do. The many parks and natural sites in the vicinity, such as the Santa Ana River Trail and the San Bernardino National Forest, are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Additionally, San Bernardino has developed into a popular destination for marijuana aficionados who want to check out the numerous dispensaries and cannabis-friendly companies around.

San Bernardino boasts a thriving arts community, which includes the San Bernardino Symphony Orchestra and the California Theatre of the Performing Arts, for individuals who are interested in culture. The National Orange Show Fair and the Route 66 Rendezvous antique automobile show are just two of the festivals and events that take place all year long in the city.

San Bernardino provides a ton of possibilities for things to do when you’re high. Go on a leisurely trek in the adjacent mountains, or unwind in one of the many parks and outdoor areas that allow cannabis use. Visitors can expect a distinctive and fascinating cannabis experience in San Bernardino, with lots of chances to explore, unwind, and have fun.

Without further ado, check out the best dispensaries in San Bernardino, California.

Captain Jacks Dispensary

Photo By Captain Jacks Dispensary

A lot of big dispensaries have tried to enter San Bernardino’s market, but places like Captain Jacks have earned the locals’ favor. They only have one store, which is located at 100 W Hospitality Ln.

Captain Jacks focused their work on connecting with the community by having different events every week. Their events are unique and full of different activities. These are critical to creating a safe environment in order to retain clients. They have Taco Day every month, special deals every Friday, and weekly deals for special clients like veterans or seniors.

Their store is full of space where you can sit and browse products; it’s clean, and their budtenders are very welcoming. This is a small local business, but it has everything a stoner could ask for.


Photo By Heir Jordan

Cookies is the perfect definition of success. These dispensaries were born after the two founders bred one of the most famous strains in the world.

“Girl Scout Cookies” is responsible for setting up one of the most successful cannabis brands in the US. Their success has led them to have stores not only in the US, but also in Israel and Malaysia.

One of their 40 locations is at 494 W Orange Show Rd, San Bernardino. This place is magic; here you are going to find the best cannabis products and the best original strains that they have developed.

They grow almost all of what they sell to the highest standards. Places like this are helping the San Bernardino community have access to the best cannabis products.



STIIIZY has surprised the cannabis world with a lot of innovative products. They are pioneers in the development of modern THC systems—products like vapes or disposables that offer a discreet experience.

Some people don’t know that STIIIZY isn’t just an important product brand, but they also have some of the best dispensaries in the US. When visiting San Bernardino, make sure to stroll near 390 N H St, where their dispensary is.

STIIIZY stores are characterized by a minimalist, modern theme. They are full of high-quality products, mostly made by them, but they also feature the best cannabis brands. Their team is full of amazing people who will help you find the best product for every situation.

Treez Inc.

Photo By Treez Inc. Cannabis Dispensary

When you google Treez, Inc., San Bernardino, you will see that they have a 5.0 rating and over one thousand comments on Google Reviews.

With those numbers, people would expect it to be some massive modern dispensary. The truth is that Treez Inc. is just a small, local shop with the best reputation.

Located at 234 E Baseline St., this dispensary is one of a kind; they have created an amazing community in a small yet cozy space. It’s not anything fancy but it has everything a good dispensary needs. Treez Inc. has excellent customer service, affordable prices, and a great selection of flower.

HAVEN Cannabis Dispensary

Photo By Haven Cannabis Dispensary – San Bernardino

For a stoner, Haven is the closest thing to heaven. Haven is a cannabis dispensary where everything is designed to give the best experience when buying cannabis products.

Haven has different stores across California. The San Bernardino store is located at 164 W. Redlands Blvd. Here, they have a well-trained team that can guide you through everything you need. Plus, their website is full of useful information that creates awareness for a lot of topics related to cannabis.

Haven believes that honoring the community with a robust offering of deals and rewards is the best way to express gratitude for their loyal support. They have a lot of different rewards for veterans, first-time customers, seniors, medical patients, and more.

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