Delta Munchies

Delta Munchies is a cumulative number of award-winning brands that have been cultivating cannabis for over 15 years. With the industry’s increase in popularity, legality, research, and technology, they have been able to pivot into concentrates and luckily fell into the extraordinary world of delta-8 and other rare cannabinoids.

Based out of Los Angeles, CA, Delta Munchie’s free-thinking vision has long been to merge the rebellious, uplifted, and free-spirited nature of cannabis culture into a fun, accessible, and friendly approach for all audiences. Delta Munchies was created to see this vision come to fruition, with zero compromises in quality, integrity, and creativity.

All of our disposable vapes and vape cartridges are produced with water clear delta 8 THC oil that is complimented with natural and cannabis-derived terpenes. And are never cut or altered with MCT, PG, VG, Vitamin E Acetate, or any other harmful cutting agents.

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