Kush Bush

Kush Bush is the newest and freshest Bong Accessory to the market! It problem solves and look’s pretty doing it! Kush Bush Accessories Inc is a Mom & Pop company representing beautiful Vancouver, Canada.

They have solved the biggest problem among Bong smokers… That nasty bong water splashing up into your mouth. The Kush Bush is the first-ever Bong Splash Guard. We all know that Bongwater is disgusting, unsanitary, and annoying! We are proud to tell you that this gross and unhealthy problem has been solved!

Not only does it look like bong jewelry, but it also has dual functionality! Flip it down to block the splash, or if you want an icy toke, flip it up into a cup and drop some ice in it. The stainless steel stays super cold, keeping your ice lasting longer.

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