Pure CBD Now

Pure CBD Now was born during a time when the CBD marketplace was green. Awareness surrounding the potentially life-changing and therapeutic benefits of CBD was just beginning to swirl. As the need for alternative and holistic healing methods began to trend, so too did the innovative new technologies designed to cultivate and unlock the hidden properties within these compounds.

Pure CBD Now has continued to grow to meet the demand of the CBD marketplace with unmatched quality standards. As advocates of educating consumers about quality products, we welcome regulatory standards, post lab results, and remain transparent about the CBD companies we believe in. As CBD enthusiasts, we stay on top of innovative new delivery methods including, THCO, THCP, CBN, HHC, D10, D9, D8, and HHCO just to name a few. 

While our company was founded in the CBD vape market, our expertise has evolved to include all of the incredible subgenres of the hemp and cannabis culture and our guiding premise has remained the same: everyone should have access to CBD, and we’re proud to help first-timers and savvy consumers along the path of forming a healthy relationship to CBD.

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