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City Guides | 03.27.2022

Cannabis & London: Legal Status & Where To Find It

Blimey! Where's the weed in London?

Living under a government where cannabis is illegal can be a challenge, especially if you choose to consume the plant for personal reasons like mental health, overall wellness, and increased creativity.

For cannabis consumers in London, England, finding good-quality marijuana can be tricky. Even though there are a ton of open and proud street dealers that stop you and ask if you need anything, these dealers aren’t always reliable since they’re in it for the money and don’t care if you’re getting ripped off.

We created this guide to help you understand the United Kingdom’s weed laws and where to find it even if you don’t have a medical card.

Is Weed Illegal Or Decriminalized In London?

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The United Kingdom has seen some bizarre back-and-forth regarding the illegal status of marijuana. Although it’s the country’s most used illegal drug, there haven’t been any moves to make recreational weed legal.

The UK places illegal drugs into Classes A, B, and C. According to The Green Fund, Class A holds the most dangerous substances like cocaine, heroin, LSD, and ecstasy, Class B contains ketamine, speed, and cannabis, and Class C includes tranquilizers, valium, and anabolic steroids.

There was one occurrence back in 2004 that moved cannabis from its Class B listing into Class C, which decriminalized the plant and kept individuals possessing it from facing criminal charges.

But just as mysteriously as this shift appeared, it vanished in 2009 when it was placed back into Class B. It’s worth noting that because the UK legalized medical marijuana in 2018, the country is starting to adopt a more lenient stance on the plant, meaning if you’re caught with small amounts and on a first-time offense, you’ll likely be let off with a warning.

Where To Buy Weed In London?

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There are a bunch of medical dispensaries in London ready to help patients find the ease and comfort they require. While you can find medical cannabis through a quick web search or strolling the streets, finding personal, recreational weed is a bit trickier.

We must mention that recreational cannabis is still illegal in the United Kingdom, so search at your own risk (as we said, the penalties should be minor if you’re caught, but staying discreet is your best bet).


Reports say one of the most reliable places to find recreational weed in London is on Wickr. Sort of like Whatsapp, Wickr is a secure messaging app that has groups and collectives selling cannabis while also offering delivery anywhere in the UK.

Simply search the username “insta28gram,” message them for a menu, choose some products you’d like to try, and receive them within 1-2 days through shipping.

Illicit Market

Desperate times call for desperate measures, so if you can’t access Wickr for some reason or want better prices, ordering weed through the deep web is one of the stealthiest and most discreet ways.

Reports point out that ordering weed directly to your hotel guarantees the utmost safety due to the vendors’ careful shipping and packaging procedures that literally keep all aromas under wraps.

Some deep web dispensaries offer transactions through cryptocurrency, so if you’re currently holding on to some Monero, check out the vast product selection on The Whitehouse Market.

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