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Why should you grow your own cannabis?

Save money

Once you have the setup, you can use it forever, to grow an infinite supply of weed for your friends and family.

Take wellness into your own hands

Have you always found the idea of growing your own medicine cool? Growing your own cannabis lets you take care of your plant from seed to flower, and take control of the trimming and drying the plant. A process that is more fulfilling than you might think!

Open new doors

Learn new skills and become a cannabis expert - you never know where this knowledge might take you!

Create a meaningful hobby

Let’s face it - noone’s social life was blooming in 2020, and there might be some time in 2021 still before we’re back to normal. Growing something all by yourself brings more meaning and satisfaction than you might realise, and is a great way to spend socially distanced weekends.
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