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Guides | 01.02.2023

A Stoner’s Guide To Beating The January Blues

January is the most depressing month of the year. Here are some tips to help you beat the blues and start 2023 with a bang.

January 2023 has arrived. Happy new year to our new readers, loyal community, and anyone looking to take 2023 by the horns. 

After the holiday hustle and bustle, January can seem a little dull. With Christmas in late December and New Years the following week, there’s magic and excitement in the air. But where does that magic go on January 2nd? 

Ample research has proved that January is the most depressing month of the year. Even more, the third Monday of January is often referred to as Blue Monday. Everything from the cold, cloudy weather to the arrival of monthly bills can be stressful, overwhelming, and downright depressing. 

We’re in this fight together. And no, we don’t encourage you to smoke your blues away until you can’t feel anything. Although many stoners will take this familiar route, we encourage you to follow our tips below for surviving the January blues in ways that keep your mental and physical health in the best possible shape. 

Change Your Routine

In the dull month of January, changing your cannabis consumption routines is a better time than ever. After all, it could introduce you to your preferred consumption method for 2023. 

If you’re a regular smoker, we suggest trying your hand at different ways to use cannabis. Even if that’s switching from bongs to joints, the smallest changes in your routine can make your sessions exciting. 

If you’re unwilling to change how you consume cannabis, try changing when and where you use it. We can find comfort in our routines, like sparking up the second we clock out from work or hitting a huge dab right before dinner. But these same routines can also make us bored. 

We suggest indulging in weed at different times and in different places. Not only does it introduce you to a potential new routine for 2023, but it helps you feel the effects of cannabis more intensely. 


Set Achievable Goals

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We’re not telling you to write a list of new year’s resolutions. After all, most resolutions are abandoned by February. Instead, set achievable daily, weekly, or monthly goals to help you feel a sense of accomplishment.

For stoners, that could be going on a walk for your first session of the day. If you’re not a fan of the cold weather, stay indoors and pair your sessions with meditation or something physically gratifying like yoga or stretching.

If you want to go the extra mile, consider goals like indulging in weed after a certain time. These limits may seem intimidating, but using your love for weed as a reward after a long day’s work is seriously satisfying.

Don't Smoke Yourself Into A Slump

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Although we love cannabis, hemp, and everything about them, it’s far too easy to smoke yourself into a slump.

Cannabis is greatly relaxing, and we all deserve to feel that sensation. However, smoking a significant amount of weed and lying around all day isn’t great for your mental and physical health.

Speaking from personal experience, smoking smaller amounts of weed in one sitting makes me motivated to seize the day (depending on the strain). It adds a little zest to ordinary tasks and chores while helping me see challenges with more optimism and opportunity.

There’s no denying that chores seem awful when you’re 4 bowls deep. We suggest smoking only what you need to feel uplifted and motivated, and wait for the evening or off-days like Sunday to indulge to your heart’s content.

Try Different Cannabinoids

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New cannabinoids are underrated. If you’re in the United States and not taking advantage of the potent and legal new cannabinoids on the market, you’re missing out. 

Although we love our Delta 9 THC, who’s to say we won’t love THC-OTHCA, or HHC? There are plenty of new cannabinoids to try, and now is a better time than ever. Introducing a new cannabinoid to your consumption routine is always exciting—it lets you experience new effects that Delta 9 might not have provided. 

You could even take the non-psychoactive route for daily dosing with compounds like CBGCBCCBN, and of course, CBD. Not only do new cannabinoids help you experience new sensations and effects, but they help lower your tolerance for Delta 9 THC, meaning you’ll get even higher when you choose to circle back to familiar Delta 9. 

With a little help from the tips above, Blue Monday and dull January will be a breeze. 

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