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Best Cannabis Seed Banks In The USA

You can only achieve premium-quality flowers from excellent seeds. These are the seed banks to find them.

Every crop starts from its seeds. Thus, whether you seek to start a business or grow a beautiful cannabis plant at home, you need good seeds. And if you want top-shelf flowers, you need the best seeds on the market.

Fortunately, there are fantastic cannabis seed banks in the United States that can provide you with the seeds for your needs. These companies have crossbred exceptional strains several times to achieve unmatched genetics. All that’s left to do is grow them.

Below, we’ve included a rundown of our favorite seed bank, OG Seeds. Let’s take a closer look at the brand and some of their most trusted seeds available.

About OG Seeds

OG Seeds comprise a team of experts with over 20 years of experience cultivating and growing cannabis. The brand strives to provide its clients with the best seeds possible. It’s that simple.

When visiting the OG Seeds’ website, you’ll find auto-flowering, feminized and traditional seeds, everything that fits your needs, and a detailed explanation of what to expect from your plant.

Besides, some of the company’s allies are breeders who conduct University testing for germination rates and feminization rates. Thus, OG Seeds’ products come from the team’s expertise, the contribution of allies, and academic support.

These are some of the seeds on the market, making OG Seeds one of the best seed banks in the United States. Check out a couple of tried-and-true recommendations below.

Sour Diesel Seeds Autoflower

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The Sour Diesel Autoflower Seeds by OG Seeds will grow the queen of Sativas, Sour Diesel. This variety produces a THC content between 22% and 26%, plus the characteristic smell of robust diesel notes. This all-time favorite flower is a must-have for every cultivator, new or experienced. 

Autoflower seeds can grow any time of the year and flower quicker than other types of seeds. Moreover, the plant that grows from an autoflower seed needs less attention than others. But, the yield and cannabinoid content is also fewer.

Still, autoflower seeds are an excellent choice for beginners and cultivators who don’t have the equipment to grow a plant indoors or at any time of the year. These seeds will grow while you chill.

Ice Cream Cake Seeds Feminized

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The Ice Cream Cake Feminized Seeds are a jewel of the OG Seeds catalog. These seeds grow Indica flowers that produce THC levels from 20% to 30%. Besides being a potent psychoactive variety, Ice Cream Cake has a sugary flavor with a creamy texture when inhaled.

As feminized seeds, they will always grow plants that flower. Thus, you can be sure that your crop will have the maximum yield possible and optimized space. But, getting the best out of your plants is up to how you care for them. Feminized seeds are photosensitive and take 8 to 9 weeks to flower. They will be ready to harvest between late September and early October.

The Ice Cream Cake Feminized Seeds are only for expert cultivars as they need much knowledge and the proper equipment to grow them successfully. If that’s your case, these seeds will make a world of a difference in terms of flower quality.

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