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The 5 Best Strains for Social Anxiety

Hundreds of people have found a valuable ‘partner in crime’ in weed when it comes to social situations.

Over the years, cannabis has cultivated a reputation of playing a role as an effective stress reliever for the busy-minded. Among other positive impacts, it’s been reported to have like reducing pain, helping reduce seizures, and helping users cope with social anxiety.

The definition of social anxiety can be quite broad and not very clear to most people. Social Anxiety Disorder is actually a diagnosable chronic mental health condition in which random social interactions may cause irrational anxiety on the subject. People that suffer from SAD commonly exhibit symptoms like fear of being judged, embarrassed, humiliated, or an irrational concern of offending someone else. In general, symptoms could be summarized as a low level of self-confidence.

It’s highly likely that we’ve all felt something like it at some point in our lives but feeling it constantly every day sounds more like a nightmare than a medical condition. That’s why people that suffer from social anxiety (diagnosed or not) try to experiment with substances and extra-curricular activities that could boost their self-confidence or help them come to terms with the fact that social interaction does not have to be a nightmare. In fact, social interaction is among one of the few characteristics that make us human, and for many, I included, a great source of joy.

One of the reasons why social anxiety might not be an issue in my daily life could be allotted to my weed-smoking habits. Although I do not see smoking weed as a necessity (at least not on a daily basis), I do see it as a fun and non-harmful way (I don’t find it harmful because I don’t indulge in excesses) of coping with social anxiety when I feel a little bit out of my element. Or even better, as an enhancer to social situations that I want to enjoy but for some reason, I might not be feeling my usual self that day. In this train of thought, I’m not alone.

Hundreds of people have found a valuable ‘partner in crime’ in weed when it comes to social situations. Whether it be smoking a joint in the backyard with your cousin before Thanksgiving Dinner or a bong session with your roomie prior to a night out with a group of people that make you nervous, weed is up there and perhaps way less invasive on your subconscious than other alternatives like antidepressants.

What About Strain Types? Sativa vs. Indica

Every social situation calls for a specific type of strain, depending on what the social situation is.

Allow me to explain. Sativas are cannabis strain types that usually have an uplifting and euphoric effect on the body and mind. It’s easier to find strains that allow the mind to stay focused and alert within the Sativa realm than it is with Indica strains.

However, this can be a double-edged blade as a strong Sativa could end up giving you feelings of paranoia, which is not great in a social situation. Want to learn more about cannabis and anxiety? Check out our selection of the best vapes for anxiety.


On the other hand, Indicas are commonly attributed to the effects of extreme relaxation and, hands down ‘chillness’. This, however, can, too be a double-edged blade.

Even though feeling relaxed is a good feature to have in social situations, there is such a thing as feeling TOO relaxed. This potentially means that you become a couch potato that doesn’t have much to say and has trouble keeping up with the string of a conversation.

That said, both strain types can be beneficial to social anxiety. What matters the most is that you get your dose right.

Overdoing it might result in unwanted effects, and dosing too low might just not help at all. The smartest way to do it would be to go with a lower dose and slowly make your way up to a stronger one as you feel comfortable with it.

Top 6 Cannabis Strains That Help Battle Social Anxiety

Zombie Kush Botany Farm

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Are you looking for a cannabis strain to help you relax and chill out?

Look no further than Zombie Kush by Botany Farms. This strain is perfect for those looking to unwind after a long day or week.

Zombie Kush is a hybrid of OG Kush and Blackberry, providing a calm and relaxing high.

The effects of this strain can be felt within minutes, making it perfect for those seeking immediate relief. In addition, Zombie Kush is long-lasting, making it a great choice for those seeking an all-day or all-night high. Coming in at 24% CBD and 32% total cannabinoids, this strain is likely to do the trick when it comes to mellowing out.

Zombie Kush is also known for its delicious flavor, which perfectly matches its relaxing effects. So if you’re looking for a cannabis strain to help you relax and unwind, Zombie Kush is a perfect choice.

Jack Herer

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Another Sativa-dominant strain that puts the emphasis on creativity. When smoking Jack Herer you will more than likely feel like striking up a conversation and trying a joke or two. Jack Herer does not usually hit too hard, especially among seasoned cannabis consumers, Jack Herer is actually recognized for being a strain that keeps you present and talkative. If you’re lacking in experience when it comes to THC, it wouldn’t hurt you to start slowly and see with the Jack takes you.

Here’s some of the best Jack Herer bud out there. Or click here to get a Jack Herer vape pen from Timbr Organics.

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This strain is one that has already taken the seat on the cannabis hall of fame. An extremely therapeutic bud that does not usually get you high as it carries a particularly low dose of THC standing between 2% and 6% but a high-dose of CBD that could scale all the way up to a whopping 25% depending on harvesting conditions.

Because of the amount of CBD found in it, ACDC can be expected to provide strong anxiety relief effects paired with an easygoing and relaxed vibe. Commonly used by patients that suffer from epilepsy and multiple sclerosis, this strain tends to provide a strong feeling of calm and inner peace. Which honestly sounds like something you want to experience in stressful social situations.

Sugar Black Rose

This is a strain that you’re not like to find on any other list for social anxiety strains.

The reason is simple, this is an Indica-dominant strain that is known to provide extremely strong effects of relaxation and in many cases, sleepiness. I have found myself using Sugar Black Rose when I don’t feel like I’ll be able to fall asleep fast enough, but in all honesty, this only works for me when I smoke a 5mg joint all by myself.

When I have a low dose that doesn’t amount to more than 2 mg or 3 mg, I find Sugar Black Rose to enhance my social performance by providing me with a feeling of happiness mixed in with a satisfying relaxed state.

Frisian Dew

Frisian Dew is an almost 50/50 hybrid that does not carry a very high THC content.

At Herb we find Frisian Dew to be a strain worthy of important social situations because it allows you to stay present but at the same time provides you with a smidge of creativity that can prove helpful to come up with interesting questions.

Conversations that are going south tend to become boring in an instant, but Frisian Dew keeps you interested, and given the splurge of creativity it can give you might help you turn the conversation around. Because it balances out the Sativa with its Indica side, Frisian Dew is a safe bet.

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