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Photo courtesy of Homegrown Cannabis Co

Guides | 11.14.2022

Browse 450+ Seeds At Homegrown Cannabis Co., The Leading Cannabis Seed Bank In The U.S.

Want trusted seeds that bear the finest flowers? See the impressive selection at Homegrown Cannabis Co.

We’ve all considered growing cannabis at one point or another. As a frequent user myself, it bugs me that I rely on nearby retailers for a plant that I could grow myself.

But of course, cannabis cultivation can seem pretty intimidating. You must find an ideal area to grow, have the right cannabis-specific tools, understand nutrient administration, and know how to care for your unique plant.

We could just tell you where to find the most reliable cannabis seeds in America, but that would only solve a fraction of the issue that is learning how to grow cannabis plants. Luckily, San Diego-based Homegrown Cannabis Co. is equally as eager to supply you with the best cannabis seeds as they are keen to make the cultivation process seamless.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. isn’t just the best cannabis seed bank in the United States. They’re a team of passionate people happy to share the knowledge, techniques, and methods of how to grow the finest cannabis—with help from their seeds, of course.

About Homegrown Cannabis Co.

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Photo courtesy of Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. is a San Diego-based seed bank that ships anywhere in the United States.

They offer a whopping 450+ different strains, coming in various seed options, including:

  • Feminized
  • Auto-Flowering
  • Fast-Flowering
  • Regulars

Browse through original and exclusive cultivars like Baked Apple, Lemon Drizzle Auto, Phantom Menace, and many more—not to mention your classic Banners, Glues, Cookies, and more.

It’s not just the company’s seed selection that sets them apart from the competition. At Homegrown Cannabis Co., they’re proud to team up with cannabis industry heavyweights like:

  • Master grower Kyle Kushman
  • Subcool’s Victoria Rouland
  • Nikki and Swami from Swami Select
  • Activist and father of the legal industry Steve DeAngelo
  • Former NFL star Ricky Williams

Besides partnerships and seeds, Homegrown provides hundreds of YouTube videos, a scroll-worthy blog, a free community forum, and excellent customer service with superb growing advice to ensure you can celebrate your harvest.

Seeds You Can Trust

Homegrown Cannabis Co. is a hub for all things cultivation. From education to seed selection, you have all the essentials to call yourself a true cultivator.

When browsing seed options at Homegrown, the brand offers various categories to help you narrow done which seeds are best for your situation. From beginner seeds to CBD-only seeds—the options are endless.


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If you’re looking for a zappy Sativa, we’d recommend the tried, true, and legendary strain Green Crack. These feminized seeds produce flowers with an average THC content of 17–25% THC, leaving you feeling chatty, uplifted, and ready to seize the day.


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Sink into euphoria with the famous, powerful, and potent effects of Blueberry. Homegrown’s Blueberry auto-flowering seeds are a great way to experience this popular Indica when celebrating a successful harvest after growing your first plant. With a sweet THC content of 20%, you’ll know what the hype is all about.


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Take your best buds to an Italian ice cream shop for some sweet Gelato. This refreshing, creamy, and spicy hybrid reaches a subtle yet comfortable level of 19–21%. These auto-flowering seeds are the perfect way to experience it.

For more information about Homegrown Cannabis Co., visit their website at homegrowncannabisco.com.

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