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El Blunto Pre-Rolls Review: Sí o No?

Take a gander at the craftsmanship and capacity of these colossal cannabis cigars.

El Blunto is a product line owned and operated by Albert Einstone’s Cannabis Co., a scientifically focused company (hence the name) that prides themselves on their organic indoor cultivation facility that features state-of-the-art equipment in their manufacturing laboratory. The California brand places product design and development at the forefront of its mission in the industry. 

El Blunto is a testament to the craftsmanship and vast history of traditional cigar-making. Creating these mammoth blunts from the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, El Blunto utilizes flowers grown in-house or sourced from other award-winning cultivators in California.

Old Techniques, Modern Technologies

Photo courtesy of El Blunto

The attention to detail and appreciation of fine craftsmanship has made the El Blunto lineup of products and collaborations, which are usually produced in small batches, sell out quickly and gain a high amount of notoriety. 

You’ll notice that the flower inside of these pre-rolls is thicker nugs that haven’t been thrown in a grinder before rolling. The Research and Development team from the El Blunto lab has noticed that just as fruits and vegetables lose nutritional value when blended, the same can be said about ground cannabis.  

These Einstone researchers noticed that grinding your herb lessens the amount of natural THCA, CBDA, CBCA, and CBGA that ultimately decreases your high and makes your smoking experience less efficient.

What Makes El Blunto Different

One smoke of an El Blunto full flower pre-roll will allow you to see this high level of craftsmanship firsthand. Among the many stoners who have shared one of these robust cannabis cigars, the features of the pre-rolls never fail to impress. These features include: 

  • High potency strains
  • Hand broken, hand rolled
  • Slowest Burn
  • Cured for 72 hours
  • Tobacco-free hemp wrap
  • Custom glass filter tip

Hybrid Pre-Rolls

The elegant hybrid pre-rolls from El Blunto are all hand-rolled in tobacco-free hemp wraps that include a custom glass filter tip and reusable glass tube. 

Josh D OG Hash Infused Blunt

This indica-dominant hybrid pre-roll contains 0.85 grams of Josh D OG, which gives off scents of citrus, herbs, and pine. When you light up this bad boy, you’ll taste berries and more pine, providing an enjoyable experience for multiple senses. At 36% THC, you’ll want to share this beauty with a friend. 

This strain starts out with a euphoric and happy effect before it calms and relaxes the body. Common side effects include hunger, dry mouth, and the ability to knock out an entire season of your favorite show.

Josh D OG Blunt

This heavy hitting pre-roll is a step up from the last option in terms of weight, packing more than twice the herb in this cigar that is cured for 72 hours before being sold. With 30% THC, this pre-roll contains 1.75 grams of the strain Josh D OG, which is just the hybrid you need for a balanced high that will leave you floating on a cloud. 

This slow-burning blunt offers a woodsy and citrus-flavored scent with a pine, fruity taste that elevates your experience. 

Sundae Driver Blunt

If you’re planning a day out on the town, exploring someplace with friends, or embarking on an adventure, this 4-pack of El Blunto premium pre-rolls is the perfect companion. Each blunt contains 0.75 grams of the famous strain that, as its name suggests, is ideal for cruising with your loved ones with an oldies playlist rolling in the background. 

Just like the individually packaged pre-rolls, each one of the blunts in this pack comes in the tobacco-free hemp wrap we’ve grown to expect from El Blunto, as well as the custom glass filter tips and a resealable glass jar that makes a nice addition to your accessories collection.

Indica Pre-Rolls

True Breath Hash Infused Blunt

Take a true breath of this relieving pre-roll that is great for a nighttime treat. Containing a modest 0.85 grams of True Breath, this blunt is ideal for pain relief, insomnia, and depression. Containing 10% melty ice-water hash, this flower is hand-rolled in El Blunto’s 100% tobacco-free hemp wrap and is just the right size for a personal session after sundown. 

Face Off OG Blunt

Turn the power up a notch with this powerful indica pre-roll that contains 1.75 grams of Face Off OG, a strain known for inducing a strong euphoria that hits quickly. This strong head high is fairly potent, making this strain an excellent choice for a relaxing, chill night at home watching a movie, playing video games, or just lounging.  With 30% THC, you can have faith in the potency of this guy. 

Dosi Face Blunt

Take the strain from the previous pre-roll and combine it with the famous Do-si-dos strain and what do you get? A gnarly, potent indica pre-roll that gives a little more energy than Face Off OG on its own. A bit more social than the previous strain, you can enhance a social event or still have a chill home session with this potent pairing. 

Dosi Face contains 31% THC and this wicked 4-pack comes in a reusable glass jar, easily fitting the four stuffed pre-rolls that each contain 0.75 grams of this delightful strain.

SW OG Hash Infused Blunt 4-Pack

If you thought the last option packed 4 worthy blunts into a jar, take a look at this 4-pack that takes the throne in terms of strength and quantity. Each of the four pre-rolls contains 0.85 grams of hash-infused flower that is composed of 38% THC and 100% DAMN! Walk into a social gathering or friend’s house with this potent pack of deliciousness and never be questioned for your weed taste again.

Sativa Pre-Rolls

Jack Herer Blunt

Jack Herer is the perfect companion for a day of activity and adventure, providing an uplifting, creative effect that gives this sativa such a strong reputation. This hefty pre-roll contains 1.75 grams of prized flower that is broken down manually and then hand-rolled. While this might be considered a single, it’s best shared with a loved one.

Rainbowpunch Blunt 4-pack

If you ever wanted to get punched by a rainbow, this uplifting, potent 4-pack of pre-rolls will have you riding that ray of multi-spectrum light just like you were living in one of Elton John’s dreams. Take a hit from one of the four pre-rolls that each contains 0.75 grams of this fruity sativa that contains 24% THC. 

Super Silver Haze Hash Infused Blunt 4-Pack

This is the 4-pack for the big boys (or girls) as it packs 0.85 grams of flower that’s caked in 10% melty ice-water hash. This energizing sativa is bred from Amsterdam and is just the morning ritual you need to get your day off to a positive, uplifting start. Allow this flower containing 33% THC to whisk you away to the clouds and provide a euphoria that is great for social activities and creative endeavors. 

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