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Herb’s Guide To Choosing The Perfect Infused Pre-Roll

The world of infused pre-rolls is broader than you think. Created with Eureka Cure.

Sometimes grinding your bud and rolling a jay might turn out to be more of a chore. Or, if you have a pipe, sometimes you don’t feel like smoking to skip the cleaning and maintenance.

This is why pre-rolls are a great alternative. You can find them in different paper types, cannabinoids, and even ones with added distillates like resin.

And yet, the cannabis market tends to confuse what kind you should get. Sometimes you might be in the mood for just weed, and other times you might want something flavorful and ecstatic.

Or perhaps you are a big knowledgeable smoker that wants a top-shelf experience.

For this, we’ve built a list and common types of stoners we’ve found and their perfect match. So keep reading

For The Classic Stoner

Photo by Georgia Love for Herb

The Classic Stoner likes their weed as usual: a blunt with its iconic kushy smell. Some people prefer to have an old regular jay instead of experimenting with different flavors or twists. 

So if you’d rather choose an old regular blunt than try the newer vaping or distillate technology, you might fall into this category. This type of person tends to be straightforward, enjoy the kushy notes, and most importantly, simply like their weed.

Now, if you run from flavored cannabis vapes that sometimes taste like air fresheners and prefer the raw and natural taste, then the Eureka Cure Classic Infused Pre-Roll is perfect for you.

These pre-rolls pack a heavy punch with 75% top-shelf flower and 25% high-quality distillate for an extra kick. Leave behind your grinders and rolling papers because Eureka Cure has your back with this full-gram, flavorful, and high-quality pre-roll. 

The pre-rolls are available in the three classic strains: sativa, indica & hybrid. So if you just want a good time without having to complicate yourself about flavors or even the hassle of grinding and cleaning up.

For The Flavor Lover

Photo by Kaya Blaze Kelley for Herb

This type of stoner stands out for being experimental. They like tasting the undertones of their buds, looking for specific taste profiles or strains. 

Some people in this category like to try different strains flavors, and like the mix of flavor and the “kushyness” of weed, or even spicing it up with concentrates.

If you are the kind of person that might find berries or tropical fruits in a blunt delicious, you probably fall into this category.

Now, if you feel like smoking should be about finding different flavors, trying innovations, and adding new experiences, then the Eureka Cure Fusion Infused Pre-Rolls might be your new favorite.

These premade jays come with 1 gram of distillate-infused, top-shelf nugs each. As they come pre-rolled, don’t worry about the grinding or crafting; they are made to enjoy out of the package.

What makes these different is their delicious five flavors. You can try them out in tart Concord Lime, sweet-and-sour Strawberry Clemonade, and the rich and sweet Very Berry. There’s also Tropical Twist for some fruity and tart taste or Melon Madness for a sweet and exotic undertone.

If you are on the adventurous side, these pre-rolls that come in a 5-pack are great for a mess-free smoking session.

For The Cannasseur

Photo by Georgia Love for Herb

Here comes the Cannaseur: a very knowledgable and experienced weed smoke that only consumes the best of the best. If you are passionate about knowing the different types of concentrates available, family strains, or tend to steer towards indoor buds… well, you are a Cannasseur.

This type of stoner knows and differentiates the quality of the buds they smoke. They might even opt for high-quality paper, flowers, distillates, and even innovative technologies like live buds.

If you are this kind of stoner, we have a top-shelf recommendation. The Eureka Premium pre-rolls are the creme de la creme of the pre-rolls. These are made in small batches, as they require artisan craftsmanship.

The pre-rolls come in 1 gram of live resin-infused weed. These are handcrafted, come in exotic strains, and are practically the best pre-roll you could get. Also, live resin might be one of the most potent distillates in the cannabis space, so this jay is for sure a superior smoking experience. 

With a higher potency than most, super smooth burn, and rich smoke, Eureka has crafted a genuine experience for the knowledgeable stoner.

Last Words

If you want to skip the hassle of grinding bud, rolling your own paper, or having to upkeep a pipe or glass device, infused pre-rolls are the way to go.

We’ve checked out the 3 most typical stoners and the perfect jay match. Maybe you are the classic stoner, who likes their weed simple and straightforward and would prefer the Classic Infused Pre-Roll with classic strains.

Or maybe you fall onto the Flavor Lover category, which loves experimenting with new flavors, strains, and undertones, and would enjoy a Strawberry Clemonade Cure Fusion Infused Pre-Roll. 

Perhaps you are the Cannaseur, an expert and knowledgeable smoker, who likes a premium experience and would probably love the Premium Infused Pre-Rolls with exotic strains and Live Resin.

There’s a pre-roll perfect for you, no matter which one you are. What kind of stoner are you? Let us know in the comments below.

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