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Omura Series 1 Review: Pros, Cons & Best Features

A portable vape that never requires cleaning. This could either be too good to be true or your next smoking device.

As much as I love the convenience and sneakiness of a good portable vaporizer, I will admit that cleaning it can be rather tedious.

Whether it’s flower or concentrates, maneuvering a cleaning device into the chamber without causing any damage to the coil or other parts of the device can be time-consuming and frustrating. 

Enter Omura, a company that sees a solution to this problem.

About Omura

Working with some of the country’s leading hemp cultivators, Omura has built an upscale, stylish line of devices that take flower consumption to the next level. Started in 2018 by a group of engineers and designers, Omura promotes a clean, sustainable, and enjoyable smoking experience with its innovative technology and premium cannabis. 

If your local dispensary doesn’t sell the Omura cartridges, you can always buy empty ‘flower sticks on their website and fill them with the flower of your choice. Their devices also include 2 free packs of these empty cartridges, but after that, you can purchase a 12-pack for $7.99.

Design & Features

Photo courtesy of Omura

Omura prides itself on its heat-not-burn method of vaping flowers. Their proprietary heat curve functions at a much lower temperature than typical vapes. In order to efficiently activate the terpenes and cannabinoids in their premium strains, the chamber is heated between 300-430℉. 

Straying away from typical vapes that offer user temperature control, Omura has done the work for us by keeping the control of the device simple and rewarding. There are no temperature settings on the Series 1, rather a simple on/off switch that powers the device to the optimal temperature to get the most out of the premium flower. 

The device uses a USB-C charger and is a sleek-looking accessory that will blend in with others who might be vaping or smoking nearby. Perfect for sneaking in a few hits during a busy day at work or with the family.

How To Use

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The prepackaged cannabis flower sticks from Omura come with 12 sticks that contain a total of 2g of premium flower (about 0.17g per stick.). The sticks are made from rainforest certificate-safe paper and are biodegradable. Take your filled flower stick and insert it with the flower end facing down. 

Then, you’ll want to hold the button on the device down until you feel it vibrate. The LED lights will then activate to let you know that it is heating, and you can release the button. 

The session lasts about 3-4 minutes and averages about 12 hits per stick.

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Packing An Empty Flower Empty

Grind up your weed to your desired size and start to place it in the short end of the stick with the plug, pushing it down until it is compacted in a similar way to a joint. That should be tight enough to not fall out and ensure continuous heating, and loose enough to allow airflow through. 


Omura customers have raved about the efficiency and sleek smoking experience they experience with the Series 1. Although the device does not produce a lot of vapor, that’s part of Omura’s design in order to deliver the most potent vapor in smaller clouds. 

With the Series 1 working at a lower temperature than your typical vape, your smoking experience is guaranteed to be efficient, potent, and tasty. This performance is ideal for those of us who need to be in incognito mode at work or other atmospheres.

Battery Life

As mentioned before, the Series 1 uses a USB-C charger that makes it easy to get a charge from a friend if you are ever without your charger. The battery usually lasts about 12 sessions on average, which really isn’t that bad considering the small size and performance of the device. 


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What the folks at Omura have done here is definitely inventive and it caters to a specified market of individuals who want a little more sophisticated and clean smoking experience. Popping one of these sticks out in public would be easily confusing for someone pulling a cigarette out.

The discrete nature of the flower sticks and the sleek look of the device makes this an interesting choice simply for the idea alone. 

The constant need to buy the empty sticks would get annoying, but if you’re someone who could use the discreet session that the Series 1 provides, the constant filling of these empties would be well worth it.

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