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The Best Strains For Fall 2022

Get cozy and ward off the Halloween spirits with these strains.

Switching up your smoking routine to suit the current season is always fun.

Say goodbye to tropical strains and hello to cultivars that make you want to get cozy and watch a spooky movie marathon.

Fall is finally upon us, and with that comes the best strains to help you make the most of this beautiful and chilly season. Whether you want to dabble in some Apple Fritter or ward off the spirits with Ghost OG, we’ve included six Fall-themed strains for you to smoke all season long.

The Best Strains For Fall

Apple Fritter

Bonus points if you make an infused Apple Fritter with the Apple Fritter strain. This classic hybrid strain sits at a high and mighty 25% THC, hitting you over the head with a burst of energy that slowly drifts into a wave of relaxation.

It’s a strong yet easygoing strain that’ll make your mouth water with flavors like apple, spice, earth, wood, and sweetness.

Ghost OG

It’s spooky season, and the spirits are roaming. Haunt your pals with some potent Ghost OG this Fall and experience one of the finest strains on earth. This hybrid strain is cherished for its balanced body and mental effects, warding off any stress, anxiety, and negativity.

The 19% THC content isn’t too strong for beginners, but seasoned users may want to take a few more puffs.


Death Bubba

This season, it’s the grim reaper’s time to shine. Maybe he’ll spare you if you treat him to a strain he’s somewhat familiar with, Death Bubba. This potent cross between Death Star and Bubba Kush is a powerful Indica that’s best used during movie marathon nights.

The couch lock is real with this strain, and so is the euphoria and sweet, earthy, skunky aroma.

Green Goblin

The ghouls, ghosts, and goblins are out this time of year. Greet them with a strain you’ll all love, Green Goblin.

This Sativa-leaning hybrid crosses Northern Lights with Skunk #1 to create a musky and skunky diesel-packed strain. Its THC is rather mild, at 14%, but it’s enough to help you feel aware, alert, and in a bright Sativa-induced daze.



Not all things in Fall have to be pumpkin spice, but any spice will do. Why not pick up the strain Spice and experience the refreshing and earthy wonders of each toke?

It’s a hybrid strain that crosses a Hawaiian Indica and Hawaiian Sativa. Its THC content is somewhat unknown but likely sits around 18-22%. The spicy and aromatic flavors might prompt you to whip up similar aromas in the kitchen.

Peanut Butter Cookies

There’s nothing more fall-themed than a sweet and nutty toke of Peanut Butter Cookies. It’s a relaxing and euphoric Indica-dominant hybrid that lifts the mood and calms the body simultaneously.

The THC content sits at a medium-high dose of 22%, a breezy experience for seasoned users and a heady one for beginners. The nutty and piney aromas are perfect for seshing among the autumn leaves.

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