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Guides | 05.20.2022

The Herbalist: 5 New Grows To Look Out For This Month

Reset the mood of your seshes with these five new strains.

Smoking weed is great and all, but when is it time to switch things up? 

We’re not asking you to drop the joint and pick up an edible. But we definitely encourage you to expand your cannabis horizons with new strains ready to exceed your expectations. 

For the curious cannabis user looking to stay up to date with the best and newest strains on the market, you’ve come to the right place. 

Below are our top five favorite new grows from Canadian and American companies, keeping you lifted on both sides of the border.

Carmel Cannabis - Sorbetto

Photo by Carmel Cannabis

Canadian cultivator and retailer, Carmel Cannabis, uses a high-end hybrid greenhouse that’s

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Uses 100% of its water from an on-site artesian well that’s later recycled 

The company’s powerhouse strain, Sorbetto, is an Indica-dominant hybrid with a THC percentage of 22-28%. The first inhale offers a smooth draw with notes of honey, gas, and cream. 

This flower is a heavy-hitting cross of iconic strains Zkittles, Sunset Sherbet, and Magnum Opus. 3.5 grams of this sweet strain retails for $48.95 CAD.

WAGNERS - Pink Bubba

Sometimes, you need a company that cuts the bullshit.

WAGNERS knows its way around well-made weed. In fact, it’s obsessed with serving consumers only the finest cannabis with satisfaction guaranteed.

One of WAGNERS’s best strains is by far its potent Pink Bubba. These minty green and purple buds are packed with flavorful hints like floral, pine, and juniper.

It’s an Indica-dominant hybrid with around 21-25% THC. Pink Bubba is a pungent cross between Pink Kush and Bubba Kush. The aromas are exquisite, and each inhale is smoother than the last.

The buds are carefully machine-trimmed and hand-groomed, available in 3.5g stand-up pouches.

When it comes from the hands at WAGNERS, you can trust that it’s well made.

GoodGood - Watermelon Skittlez

Photo by Goodgood

This potent Indica-dominant strain from GoodGood stems from the Purple City Genetics facility in Oakland, California. 

Watermelon Skittlez

  • Comes from hand-selected exotic genetics
  • Is an organically grown indoor flower
  • Is a cross between Grape Ape, Grapefruit, and an undisclosed strain 

GoodGood is committed to growing unique cannabis to expand the culture and community in the United States and beyond. The company often partners with musicians, artists, athletes, and designers who share its vision. 

GoodGood’s Watermelon Skittlez strain is a sweet, fruity, and candy-like inhale with a slightly earthy and tropical exhale. This relaxing and euphoric strain retails for roughly $30 USD for 3.5g ($230 per ounce). 

Pure Beauty - Bermuda Triangle

Photo by Pure Beauty

Worry not; you definitely won’t fall off the face of the earth when puffing on Bermuda Triangle from Pure Beauty. It’s a potent Indica-dominant hybrid that features vibrant notes of citrus, pine, and vanilla with a thick, cloudy, and sweet exhale. 

Pure Beauty strives to inform the user and raise awareness about our knowledge of the strains we’re smoking. The company uses a sustainable, eco-friendly cultivation site in California with air-collected water, not from the state’s tap. 

This Cali-grown bud is a cross between Triangle Kush and ’88 G13 Hashplant, producing a whopping THC content of 34%. 3.5g retails for $44 USD.

Connected Cannabis - Lemonnati

Photo by Connected California

This strain won first place at the 2018 Cannabis Cup for Best Sativa flower. Judges clearly noticed the tangy, gassy, and floral aroma paired with a citrus and floral flavor. 

Connected Cannabis believes in the freedom of expression, pursuing happiness, and helping others along the way. For this reason, it provides users with the best recreational and medical cannabis products on the market. Each product faces the harshest critics, the Connected Cannabis team. 

The new Lemonnati strain is a cross between the company’s Gelonade and the classic Biscotti. The result is a cerebral Sativa that produces heady and buzzy effects with bright and bold flavors. It makes for an energetic, focussed, and stimulating high. 3.5g of this strain retails for $40 USD. 

With the many potent strains above, there’s nothing stopping you from changing up your routine and trying something new. Perhaps you’re looking for your new go-to Indica or maybe a vibrant Sativa to puff during the workday. 

We’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for with the five powerhouse strains above, exceeding your expectations of quality and potency left and right.

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