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The Herbalist: Insa Dispensaries Have Reconfigured The Cannabis Retail Experience

Insa's mission is simple; to help you have better days more often.

Everyone deserves access to cannabis. From beginners to connoisseurs, recreational users to patients, we have a right to explore healing alternatives when typical medications don’t cut it. 

Maybe you’re looking for something as simple as making your good days even better. That’s the beauty of cannabis. The plant has a broad range of cannabinoids that promote varying effects and benefits. What you’re looking to avoid might be what someone else needs. 

The key takeaway here is the experience you’re looking for when it comes to cannabis and cannabis products. If you’re not sure what sort of experience you desire, the knowledgeable team at Insa is happy to help you begin that journey. 

It’s not your typical dispensary with products that claim to take you to another world. Insa is a dispensary that provides cannabis for real life, real times, and real people who want to harness the benefits of this sacred plant.

About Insa

Photo courtesy of Insa

From Springfield, MA, founders and best buds Pete and Pat went their separate ways after college. Pat landed in Chicopee, running his family’s German restaurant, and Pete took on a job managing equity funds in New York City. 

After years in finance got the best of him, Pete moved back to his old stomping grounds and launched Insa in 2013 with Pat. The blossoming cannabis market and a passion for the plant helped the two position Insa as a reliable, trustworthy, and convenient dispensary for recreational users and medical patients. 

Although the business has grown with eight dispensaries in the country, the team remains hands-on and eager to help each consumer receive what they desire from cannabis. 

Its mission is simple; to help more people have better days more often. 

A Reconfigured Shopping Experience

Insa is headquartered in Massachusetts, where it also set up shop with six dispensaries around the state. It also has two dispensaries in Florida and is keen to expand in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and other states on the East Coast. 

If you’re a beginner user, Insa’s passionate and knowledgeable budtenders happily introduce an array of products while describing exactly what they do and what conditions they can treat. 

On the other hand, seasoned users will appreciate how convenient the shopping experience is, thanks to the budtenders that eagerly help each customer meet their needs quickly and efficiently. 

Finally, Insa is proud to have redesigned how cannabis patients access their medicine. The company prides itself on making each shopping experience for medical patients:

  • Easy
  • Informative
  • Customized

Everything from the product menu to the welcoming store design lets the consumer browse at their own pace and learn more about different products and their purposes. 

Everybody wants to make their good days even better. At Insa’s many dispensaries, that’s an easily achievable reality. For more information about Insa, visit its website at

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