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Learn | 02.08.2022

4 Moments To Eat Low THC Gummies

Sometimes, it's not all about high THC. Created with Cornbread Hemp.

It’s tempting to reach for your regular high THC weed when looking for a pick-me-up, but there are times when a feeling of regret lingers in, whether that’s through the form of anxiety, mega-distraction, or paranoia.

We encourage you to broaden your horizons and change things up. It’s time to try something a tad lower and experience the benefits of what low THC cannabis can do for you.

There are countless pros with low THC edibles, too, like Cornbread Hemp with its Full-Spectrum CBD Gummies.

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Starting Your Day

Photo courtesy of Cornbread Hemp

Who needs coffee when a light dose of THC and a soothing dose of CBD are ready to wake you up?

Cornbread’s gummies were made to give the user a healthy alternative to start their day and keep them motivated in a positive frame of mind.

Our serotonin levels are usually at their lowest in the mornings, and an organic CBD boost is something we could all benefit from.

An Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

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Falling into an afternoon lull can be easy. Hold back on Starbucks for your pick-me-up and chew on a few of Cornbread’s berry-flavored gummies instead.

Experience the positives for yourself; not only will the low dose of THC keep you stimulated, but the overpowering sense of peace of mind will keep you on track to finish your daily tasks.

To Increase Focus

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Since Cornbread’s gummies contain 2 mg of THC in each gummy, chewing on a couple of these will help increase focus with their slightly cerebral effect.

The high CBD content keeps your body relaxed while positive and helpful thoughts flow easily through the mind.

Distractions aren’t as intriguing when the ideas are flowing with help from CBD’s creativity boost.

Decreasing Anxiety

Photo courtesy of Cornbread Hemp

For some, high levels of THC can lead to increased paranoia and anxiety, which is why experimenting with lower doses of THC and a higher CBD content is ideal for finding your perfect balance.

Feel the calming and relaxing effects of Cornbread’s gummies at 50 mg of CBD per gummy to help discover your perfect level of bliss.

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