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Learn | 01.31.2023

Arizer: Vaporizer Pioneers Delivering High-Quality Devices

With desktop and portable options, Arizer is raising the bar in vaporizer quality and performance.

Vaping is becoming the new favorite cannabis consumption method. Smokers are putting down their joints and picking up new technology, be it for health purposes or simply to switch things up.

Luckily, vaping has its benefits. From intended flavors and aromas to smooth and cloudy vapor, this consumption method is introducing beginners and seasoned users alike to a whole new world of cannabis use, one that’s only getting better with time.

Similarly, vaporizer brands like Arizer only get better with time. Having launched 18 years ago in brisk Ontario, Canada, this vaporizer company is a pioneer in the vaping industry, dedicated to elevating your experience with innovative technology, neat features, and unparalleled quality.

Learn more about Arizer and their celebrated desktop and portable vaporizers below.

About Arizer

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Based in Kitchener, Ontario, this Canadian vaporizer company has been in business long before the plant was legal. Having launched in 2005, Arizer continues to set new standards for vaporizer technology, quality, and performance.

The brand has spent the last 18 years extensively researching and designing new ways we can consume cannabis in the safest, cleanest, and most flavorful way possible. The brand is celebrated worldwide for providing customers with cutting-edge devices at affordable prices, and their helpful customer service remains unmatched.

Arizer offers an impressive lineup of vaporizers, each bringing something different to the table. For maximum portability, check out their ArGo Vaporizer, a quality dry herb vape designed for connoisseurs on the go. It’s a discreet device that fits in the palm of your hand, featuring patented hybrid heating technology for smooth, cloudy draws.

Want a device that stays at home? Look to Arizer’s V-Tower, an economical and efficient desktop vaporizer for dry herbs and aromatherapy. The pure convection heating with a fast-heating ceramic element delivers the utmost flavorful and aromatic vapor, and the Glass Cyclone Bowl lets you control your dose effortlessly.

See below for more information about Arizer’s top-of-the-line, celebrated Air MAX.

Meet Arizer's Air MAX

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If you’re a fan of versatility, you’ll love Arizer’s Air MAX. This is the latest addition to the company’s impressive lineup of vaporizers, and it’s perhaps their most innovative creation to date.

It’s a portable multi-purpose vaporizer featuring needed upgrades across the following:

  • Custom Session Settings
  • Automatic Display Inversion
  • Dark Mode
  • New Rapid-Heating Ceramic Technology
  • Fast USB-C Charging
  • High-Capacity 26650 Lithium-Ion Battery

The user-friendly controls and adjustable OLED display make using this vaporizer a breeze. You can also switch from normal mode to dark mode, depending on your preferences.

The Air MAX takes less than 60 seconds to heat and features precise 1-degree temperature control from 122° – 428°F, letting you easily adjust it based on your preferences and desired experience.

Experience all the Air MAX has to offer in one isolated, small, and pocketable device. With over 2 hours of use per charge and featuring the company’s original glass pod system, the Air MAX can go anywhere you go.

For more products and information about Arizer, visit their website at

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