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Learn | 03.18.2023

Black Tie Means Quality

What do you need to make weed products with the best quality possible? Black Tie found the answer.

The hemp company Black Tie stands out for its special commitment to quality. Yes, it sounds familiar. But they have proven to stand out by winning second place for the “Best CBD Flower” in the High Times DOPE Cup. And the gold for the “Best CBD Product” at the Oregon Grower’s Cup, among other awards.

The list goes on. But the only way to understand what a winning-award product means is to try it. Thus, we bring you some of the top-quality products you can find at Black Tie.

Top-Quality Black Tie Products

Gelato 41 (Indoor) THC-A Hemp Flower

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The Gelato 41 Hemp Flower by Black Tie will make you live moments as sweet as a dessert. This variety contains an impressive THC-A content of 22.2% that, alongside its Indica effects and delicious terpenes profile, will indulge your senses. This is the golden ribbon to call it a day.

The THC-A level makes Gelato 41 a strain for people with moderate to high resistance to THC. It promises a whole-body relaxing action. And the hit it packs is so heavy that it can knock you out on your couch in minutes. Thus, it is a perfect flower to smoke at the end of the day or during weekends.

If you like sweet flavors, you will fall for the sugary notes Gelato 41 spreads on your tongue. Then, the smell lingers in the air as you exhale and leaves a bitter sensation in your mouth that contrasts with the initial dessert-like scent.

Gushers (Indoor) THC-A Hemp Flower

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The Gushers Hemp Flower will seduce you with its beautiful purple shades and its 17.1% THC-A content. This Indica hybrid is perfect for regular users who seek to get high with little smoke. This variety is an incredible mood buster with an inviting terpenes profile.

This Indica strain is ideal to use during the evenings when you enjoy a well-deserved break. It will wash away the stress and fill your spirit with blissfulness. Light up your buds, lean on the window and watch the sky turn from blue to purple while having a good smoke. You will feel how your muscles lose tension, and your eyelids get heavy.

The Gushers have an appealing aroma that combines sweet berries with gassy notes. This mix makes the Gushers easy to distinguish and a strain that could make it to the list of your favorites. But beware if you want to be discreet. The Gushers will fill not only your lungs but the room with its aroma.

Sour Diesel (GH) THC-A Hemp Flower

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The Sour Diesel Hemp Flower is a superstar among Sativa strains. You can now enjoy this all-time favorite in its THC-A version with content around 17.2%. This moderate level is enough to take your mind to exciting places while boosting your mood to the point of letting out some jiggles.

This is an excellent strain to smoke any time of the day. You can do it when taking a break from your daily activities and recharge your energy. Smoking Sour Diesel is like taking a coffee than can get you high. A moderate dose can increase your focus and creativity. Thus, this strain can improve your performance during creative activities.

The Sour Diesel provides a smell that has become a mark of the cannabis world. When smoking it, a robust diesel taste envelopes your palette. And you can sense strong earthy notes when exhaling and a tingly sensation on the tip of your tongue.

Thin Mint Cookies (GH) THC-A Hemp Flower

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Cookies have never tasted so good. The Thin Mint Cookies Hemp Flower is a balanced hybrid with a THC-A content of 16.71%. It will regulate your mood and reduce the accumulated stress during the day. This variety is a fantastic choice to keep the good vibes and optimism when getting things done. And it is an excellent companion when enjoying a nice view during a trip.

Its balanced effects will provide a wonderful well-being state that will get you relaxed but awake. This feature of Thin Mint Cookies makes it an amazing social strain. It really tastes better when sharing and it promises to be in some of the most memorable moments. So, don’t leave it at home when you are going on a trip or a social event.

The Thin Mint Cookies offer a gassy and minty aroma that feels spicy when inhaled. And it leaves a dough-like aftertaste.

About Black Tie

Black Tie is a young brand that started in 2018 when the Farm Bill opened the opportunity for hemp-derived products to thrive legally. But the company didn’t start from scratch. Black Tie was born from the vision of a group of expert growers who had been working together since 2014 crossbreeding CBD-rich strains with potent and complex effects.

Nowadays, Black tie farms around 200 acres of hemp. Thus, the brand can proudly grow most of the various strains they sell and ship them nationwide. It allows Black Tie offer strains that meet most of the needs of every user.

Then, how has this young company achieved so much? Quality and innovation are the top priority at Black Tie facilities. And they measure it by customer satisfaction.

Get What You Paid For Or Get Your Money Back

Measuring quality by customer satisfaction means the brand is so confident of its products that it would give you a refund if you don’t get what you pay for. And Black Tie is one of the few companies in the industry that sticks to it.

You can return unopened or barely used products in their original packaging until 30 days after you bought them. Place a refund request by clicking here. If you claim the item is damaged or defective, the company will ask you for pictures by email. In case you don’t send them, you wouldn’t get the shipping charges back.

And if the item is damaged, you must report it to customer service within 48 hours of delivery to receive a replacement item. You will get what you ordered in the first place unless there is no stock.

For more information about exchanges and refunds, visit their website.

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