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Learn | 02.13.2023

How To Buy Farm Direct Hemp Flower Online

These CBD flowers have the vibes of a small farm and the premium quality of a large farm with top-notch equipment. And you can buy them directly from the farm.

Buying directly from the people who cultivate hemp is noticeably cheaper. But also, the experience of using the flower is rewarding. It feels like taking the flower directly from the crop from Rogue Origin.

The experience of buying farm direct is refreshing and pleasant thanks to the quick and warm attention from the sellers. But it also means you are buying from the people who do the work of growing the precious flower that brightens your day.

Farm Direct CBD Hemp Flowers

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Photo by Rogue Origin

Legendary Kush Hemp Flower

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The Legendary Kush Hemp Flower is an Indica hybrid containing 11.4% CBD when grown indoors to 16.3% CBD when sun-grown. This variety is excellent to smoke during the evening while winding up after a long day.

You can expect a body-relaxing action that helps you lose the tension in your muscles and soothes every pain.

Still, smoking the Legendary Kush flower won’t cause you a couch-lock. Instead, it makes you feel like your body is lighter. And, although this flower is not psychoactive, smoking it will reduce the accumulated stress.

When you smoke the Legendary Kush variety, it fills the room and your nose with a robust lime scent with piney notes. The smell is as inviting as it is strong.

Bubba Kush Hemp Flower

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The Bubba Kush Hemp Flower is a relaxing Indica. This variety has between 12.7% CBD when grown indoors and 15.7% when it is sun-grown. This variety is fantastic for daytime use as it won’t sedate you.

Moreover, it puts your body at ease and helps you boost concentration and performance when doing creative tasks. You want to have this flower around when you want to focus and remove the anxiety that takes over your mind from time to time.

The Bubba Kush has a mouthwatering smell of coffee and chocolate. And once the smoke caresses your taste buds, you can sense a dominant bitter flavor with herbal notes. Then, it leaves a pleasant spicy taste with a tingly sensation when exhaling.

Lifter Rogue Rollers - Hemp Prerolls

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If you seek potency in a masterfully done joint, you must try the Lifter Rogue Rollers. These are hemp pre-rolls with a generous CBD content of 16.3%. That is enough to put your body in a peaceful state.

These pre-rolls give you an incredibly good choice to smoke during the daytime.

The Lifter variety is a perfectly balanced hybrid that uplifts your spirit while putting you in a chill mood. Smoking the Lifter Rogue Rollers will keep you calm while staying fully lucid. Thus, you should try smoking them during a break or when meditating.

Once you open the package, you will notice a citrus aroma with a dominant wood scent. The smell is a gift for people who love pungent smells from their hemp flowers.

Plus, the Lifter Rogue Rollers provide the convenience of carrying the joints with you. You don’t have to make them, saving time and frustration. And you can simply take one out of your pocket and light it up.

Why Rogue Origin

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Photo courtesy of Rogue Origin

Brands like Rogue Origin grow their CBD hemp flowers on a farm, grown with the hug of the soil of Oregon and the kiss of its orange sun.

Besides, you can buy as many of these flowers as you want. Whether you are a retail customer or a wholesale buyer who seeks to purchase hundreds of pounds, you can count on Rogue Origin.

When buying from Rogue Origin, you can trust the consistent quality of all their products. And you can tell there is effort and love put into the flowers. The team Rogue One hand-trim every flower. As a result, the flowers speak for themselves.

All products from Rogue One are USDA certified and tested by third-party labs. Thus, you can trust the quality and safety of every flower you buy.

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