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Learn | 12.08.2022

Colorado Heritage Brand Native Roots Strives To Find Your Happy Place

This team of caregivers encourages consumers and patients to escape the daily grind.

We all use cannabis for a reason. Some prefer late-night hits to beat insomnia, while others opt for bright wake n’ bake products to start their day.

Whatever your reason is, there’s one brand that not only has your best interest in mind but is working around the clock to leave stigmas, judgment, pain, and ignorance in the past. We deserve to use cannabis without an explanation, and Native Roots agrees.

This Colorado heritage brand and dispensary is on a mission to find your happy place and help you escape the daily grind by providing cannabis for all. The brand’s expertise lies in its carefully-grown flower and flower-derived products like vape cartridges and potent concentrates.

Native Roots diversifies its product selection with the leading vendors in Colorado to include other verticals like:

  • Edibles
  • Topicals
  • Tinctures

With such an expertly crafted selection of products, finding the perfect one for your situation is a breeze.

About Native Roots

Photo courtesy of Native Roots Cannabis Company

Native Roots has been Colorado’s premier medical and recreational cannabis dispensary since 2010. The brand has seriously taken over the Colorado market with a whopping 20 dispensaries, some of which are medical, recreational, or both.

Instead of breaking down what Native Roots does, perhaps what’s more important is why it launched operations in the first place. The brand exists for you. They not only wanted to create a great company but one that puts consumers and patients at the center of operations. You are the focus, and Native Roots strives to help you achieve your preferred state of living through the finest products in Colorado.

So, while Native Roots grows some fabulous flower and sells other game-changing products, the brand proudly exists to care for you. It’s that simple.

Escape The Daily Grind

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We all have our evening routines. While some get home from work and whip up dinner, others need a product that helps them leave the day’s stress behind to reach complete and utter relaxation.

At Native Roots, you’re invited to escape the daily grind and whatever else has you down with a variety of the highest quality products sold in a welcoming, comforting, and home-like environment. The elevated retail experience is unmatched, designed for individuals from all walks of life, from beginner users to cannabis connoisseurs.

Impressively, Native Roots has grown over:

  • 90,000 pounds of flower
  • 8 million grams of concentrates
  • 3 million pre-roll joints

When you’re ready to achieve your best possible state and elevate your cannabis consumption, treat yourself to some of the industry’s leading products with the unparalleled assortment at Native Roots, like the ones below.

Revel Vape Cartridges: Native Roots carries some of the finest vape cartridges, like those of Revel. This particular line of cartridges contains delicious flavors like Blueberry, Pineapple, and Cool Mint. More recently, Revel added seasonal flavors like Pumpkin Spice, Peppermint Bark, and Berry Lemonade.

Native Roots Flower: Native Roots’ Label Line Collection comprises expertly cultivated flower in various rich and potent strains. The label line includes the following:

  • Green Label
  • Onyx Label
  • Gold Label

This luxurious collection has a strain and experience for all consumers.

For more information about Native Roots, visit its website at

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