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EPIC Vapor B3rry Xotic Vape Review

EPIC Vapor not only promises EPIC Potency but an outstanding experience. Does the B3erry Xotic Vape Cartridge do the job?

When choosing a vaping cartridge, look for a blend out of this world and functional hardware that guarantees you get the best from every sesh. If a company can provide both, it is EPIC Vapor. And its team seeks to surpass expectations with the B3rry Xotic Vape Cartridge.

Every vaping enthusiast must learn about the B3rry Xotic Vape Cartridge, and this is the review you need to read about it.

B3rry Xotic Vape Review

The B3rry Xotic is the latest vape cartridge by EPIC Vapor and your new favorite THC product. Every cart holds 2200 mg of an extremely pure THC distillate. The first 100% THC extract is yet to achieve, but this one is close. Even better, it mixes with the right amount of CBD to enhance its potency.

Besides, it contains a hemp-derived terpenes profile that will deliver what its name promises. The B3rry Xotic Vape Cartridge has a sweet flavor that reminds you of ripe berries with a robust bitter taste that leaves a spicy sensation on your tongue when exhaling. This feature makes EPIC Vapor proud and will make you love this vape cartridge.


The B3rry Xotic has a single button for turning it on and off. You can tell it has a single heat setting, which produces a generous vapor cloud.

The B3rry Xotic is a high-power vaporizer. But it won’t burn your oil thanks to its ceramic coil that distributes the vape oil evenly on its surface. This property allows the B3rry Xotic to vaporize more vape oil with less power. Thus, it treats the oil gently.

And once the battery runs out, the show must go on. You can recharge the B3rry Xotic and resume your sesh. You won’t waste any precious drops of your vape oil.


The B3rry Xotic Vape Cartridge has a discreet and basic design. It is an all-white pen with the brand logo in red. Alongside having a single button, it is the perfect appearance for people who like to keep their looks simple while vaping.

Moreover, this cartridge is portable and durable. So, put it in your pocket and carry it with you. That way, you can take a puff when you see the chance.


Vaping the B3rry Xotic Vape Cartridge will produce an intense uplifting effect, filling your spirit with happiness and a fantastic mood. Plus, it will unchain your creativity, and your ideas will flow like a river in your mind from the first puff.

The B3rry Xotic is an excellent choice to vape for reducing restlessness and boosting your attention. Creative people love it. Plus, it has a physical action that relaxes your muscles and relieves pain.


The B3rry Xotic Vape Cartridge is a product you need to try if you are into psychoactive potency. The purity of this blend is superior to most vape oils on the market. So, it will get you high no matter how much you have been enjoying the therapeutic effects of cannabis.

Plus, it is perfect if you are a creative person who performs mental tasks. A small dose can boost your productivity and improve your mood significantly. Moderate to large dosages might disconnect you from reality for a while.

Moreover, At EPIC Vapor they are proud of how good the flavor is. And it is something unique. Vaping the B3rry Xotic is totally worth the shot.

About EPIC Vapor

Photo courtesy of EPIC Vapor

EPIC Vapor is a hemp company in California. Its team is always creating products whose main characteristic is being innovative. Every product is different from the others. Besides, the team watches all the making processes of the EPIC Vapor products from start to finish. That way, they ensure the products are top-quality and safe to use.

You can’t go wrong with buying an EPIC Vapor product.

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