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The 5 Hardest Cannabis Strains To Grow

Just learning how to grow weed? You might want to avoid these strains.

Landrace strains, especially landrace Sativas, are widely considered to be the most challenging strains to cultivate due to their exceptionally long flowering periods.

These strains are rarely found in dispensaries today, making them a rare and valuable find for those looking for a challenge or seeking to revive classic strains. For experienced growers looking to push their skills to the limit, here are 5 of the hardest strains to grow 

The Hardest Strains To Grow

1. Trainwreck

Trainwreck is a potent strain known for its high THC levels, making it a favorite among many users for its powerful and intense effects. However, its rapid growth challenges growers, requiring a high-yield, high-maintenance environment. Tall and slender in structure, Trainwreck combines accelerated growth with a need for careful attention to thrive. 

What Are the Challenges of Farming Trainwreck? 

  1. Specifically, proximity to the grow lights can pose a significant challenge for the plant. This can lead to mild burns and a decrease in crop quality. 
  2. The thickening of the stem can also make low-stress training on the branches challenging. Indoor cultivation is recommended for optimal results from late October to early November. 

2. Malawi Gold

Malawi Gold is widely considered the most elusive cannabis strain globally, known for its legendary landrace sativa properties.

Rumored to achieve colas reaching up to two feet (60 cm) in length, this strain also boasts one of the lengthiest flowering periods worldwide. Taking between 84 to 120 days to flower, this equatorial gem poses a significant challenge when cultivated outside of its natural habitat. 

Favorable Conditions For Malawi Gold To Thrive 

This particular strain thrives in a tropical climate and may not be suitable for colder, northern regions. Those attempting to cultivate this variety outside of its native environment are recommended to do so indoors or within a temperature-regulated greenhouse.

When grown indoors, ensure there is ample room for the plant to flourish. This plant flourishes outdoors in the proper conditions and thrives best in high-quality organic soil.

3. Dr. Grinspoon

Finding a high-quality, pure sativa like Dr. Grinspoon can be challenging in a market saturated with Kush. This unique strain, bred by Barney’s Farm Seeds and named after Dr. Lester Grinspoon, stands out for its distinctive bud structure. Dr. Grinspoon’s round calyxes are bulbous and slightly sparse, making it a fascinating choice for sativa lovers.

Maintenance Practices for Growing Dr. Grinspoon 

The plant has a slender and delicate appearance, often requiring support during the latter stages of flowering. Like Malawi Gold, Dr. Grinspoon has an exceptionally long flowering period lasting 90 to 100 days. Properly managing the plant’s height is essential when cultivating indoors.

4. Headband

The Headband strain is notorious for its challenge in producing large buds, leading many to waste time if they do not meet the crop’s specific requirements. The biggest struggle lies in achieving a consistent yield and quality due to the prevalence of small buds. 

Potential Dangers to Headband Strain’s Growth 

The hybrid variety’s main adversaries are: 

  • Frost. 
  • Humid climates. 
  • High humidity levels. 

Best Practices While Growing Headband 

  • For optimal growth, consistent exposure to sun and heat is recommended.  This hybrid strain, known for its calming effects, lemongrass scent, and high THC levels, typically takes 70 days to mature. 
  • It is important to monitor the growing conditions of the plants consistently. 

5. Thai

Thai is another type of landrace sativa, representing a family of strains from Thailand. Some cannabis historians believe that the original Thai strains have been lost, but any Thai family strains that are found are likely to be challenging to cultivate. 

Maintenance Practices For Farming Thai Weed Strain 

  1. This particular strain thrives in tall growth and thrives in hot outdoor climates.
  2. Similar to other landrace Sativas, it requires careful topping, pruning, and training to successfully cultivate Indoors. 
  3. This particular breed thrives in organic soil and compost. Therefore, cultivators must provide ample premium, all-natural nutrients for optimal growth. 

How Long Does It Take For Thai Weed Strain to Grow? 

The duration of flowering for Thai strains can range from 65 to 98 days, with Chocolate Thai being one of the longest-maturing variants.

What Is The Rarest Strain Of Weed

Landing on one rarest weed strain is definitely a debate amongst canna-lovers.

Some of the most rarest weed strains include:

  1. Idukki Gold – Potent and scarce, originating from Kerala, India
  2. Malawi Gold – Pure sativa landrace strain
  3. Jamaican Lion – CBD-rich strain that’s hard to find outside of native Jamaica
  4. Panama Red – Popular sativa from the 60s and 70s
  5. Lasqueti Haze – Almost extinct, a premium haze strain

What’s The Most Exotic Strain Of Weed?

Malawi Gold often takes the crown as the most exotic cannabis strain. With gold-colored buds, this strain delivers a very strong cerebral and body high.

What Strain Of Weed Grows The Biggest Buds

Oftentimes, you want the best bang for your buck while still getting premium-quality buds.

A few weed strains are known to produce huge buds:

  • White Widow
  • Skunk #1
  • Blue Dream
  • Northern Lights
  • Amnesia Haze

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