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Cannabis YouTubers You Should Follow In 2024

YouTube has become a pivotal platform for this purpose, hosting a myriad of channels that delve into various aspects of cannabis culture, cultivation, and commerce.

Amidst an abundance of content creators, certain YouTubers have distinguished themselves through their dedication to quality, accuracy, and viewer engagement.

This article highlights seven standout YouTube channels that every cannabis enthusiast should consider following early at the outset of 2024. These channels not only provide entertainment but also offer valuable insights into the latest trends, cultivation techniques, product reviews, and legal developments in the cannabis world. These channels serve as excellent resources to enhance your understanding and appreciation of cannabis in its many facets. Let’s dive into the details of each channel and discover what makes them essential viewing for cannabis aficionados in 2024.

YouTube remains a vital resource for enthusiasts, cultivators, and entrepreneurs alike. In this dynamic world, several channels have emerged as leaders, offering a blend of entertainment, education, and invaluable insights. 

Terpy Highs

Subscribers: 127k  

Topics: Cultivation, Processing, Equipment

Terpy Highs stands out as a premier channel for cannabis cultivation enthusiasts. Since its inception in 2014, it has attracted a substantial following due to its in-depth and factual content. The host, a professional grower, imparts knowledge covering all things cultivation – from strain reviews to the nitty-gritty of indoor and outdoor growing techniques. Terpy Highs excels in providing content that is both educational and practical, making it a must-follow channel for those looking to deepen their understanding of cannabis cultivation or refine their growing skills.


Subscribers: 164K  

Topics: Culture, Lifestyle, Trends, News

tokinGLX is a channel that transcends the typical boundaries of cannabis content on YouTube. With a history of over 2,000 daily vlogs, the channel offers an eclectic mix of information spanning cannabis culture, product reviews, and industry trends. The host’s engaging style and comprehensive coverage of various topics make tokinGLX a go-to source for both newcomers and veterans in the cannabis community. The channel’s blend of entertainment and information caters to a broad audience, serving as an insightful guide into the ever-changing world of cannabis.

Continuing from the first three channels, here are overviews of the remaining four channels in our list of must-follow Cannabis YouTubers in 2024.


Subscribers: 1.2K  

Topics: Product Reviews

MCDaddy is a relatively new but quickly rising star in the cannabis YouTube sphere, especially for those interested in product reviews. Since its launch in 2020, the channel has been dedicated to testing and reviewing a wide range of cannabis products, from flowers and edibles to extracts. MCDaddy’s thorough and honest reviews provide viewers with a reliable guide to the vast array of products available in the market, particularly in Canada. The channel’s frequent updates make it an excellent resource for consumers looking to stay informed about the latest and greatest in cannabis products.

RuffHouse Studios

Subscribers: 717k 

Topics: Product Reviews, How-To Guides, Educational Overviews

RuffHouse Studios is a well-established name in the cannabis YouTube community, known for its diverse and extensive content. The channel offers a wealth of information through product reviews, how-to guides, and comprehensive educational overviews. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced cannabis user, RuffHouse Studios has something to offer. The channel is particularly valuable for those looking to expand their knowledge about different cannabis products and how to use them effectively and safely.


Subscribers: 21.5K  

Topics: Growing, Interviews, Cannabis Culture

TheDudegrows channel is a hub for those deeply interested in the cultivation aspect of cannabis. Active since 2010, it has built a significant following by offering weekly videos and interviews with prominent figures in the cannabis growing industry. The channel stands out for its series “Know Your Breeder,” which provides insights into successful brands and seed companies. It also features a talk clips section that answers questions submitted by viewers. TheDudegrows is a comprehensive resource for growers, offering the best tips for cultivating cannabis in various conditions and environments.

Cannabis Saves Lives

Subscription: 25k 

Topics: Medical Marijuana Education, Advocacy

Cannabis Saves Lives is a channel dedicated to the medical marijuana community, focusing on education and advocacy. The channel provides a deep dive into all aspects of medical marijuana (MMJ), aiming to inform and support current and prospective patients, as well as those involved in MMJ businesses. Its content spans interviews, educational pieces, and creative animated shorts, all contributing to a larger message of advancing the efforts for widespread medical marijuana legalization. Cannabis Saves Lives is a vital resource for anyone looking to understand the medical applications of cannabis and the ongoing efforts to recognize and legalize its use for medicinal purposes.

Silenced Hippie

Subscribers: 527K  

Topics: Cannabis-Related Illness, Support, Alleviating Human Suffering

Silenced Hippie, known for its distinct and impactful presence on YouTube, is a channel that resonates deeply with viewers, particularly those interested in the medical aspects of cannabis. Since its launch in 2014, despite facing challenges like having the page taken down twice, the channel has successfully amassed over 43 million views. Silenced Hippie offers thematic playlists that cover a broad range of topics, including smoke sessions, art for cannabis enthusiasts, yoga, well-being, and music. The channel is especially beneficial for individuals with medical conditions, such as seizure patients, who require legal marijuana as a form of treatment. Silenced Hippie’s unique approach not only provides support and information for medical cannabis users but also contributes significantly to the movement advocating for free and legal cannabis access.

Each channel brings its unique perspective and valuable insights, making them indispensable for anyone looking to explore the world of cannabis in 2024. From cultivation and product reviews to legal insights and medical marijuana education, these channels offer a wealth of information and perspectives, making them invaluable for anyone interested in exploring the multifaceted world of cannabis in 2024.

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