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Herbworthy | 08.16.2022

Herbworthy: Hitoki Trident, The World’s First Laser Bong

Will the Hitoki Trident pass the Herbworthy test? Let's find out.

The future of cannabis is upon us.

Consumers are always looking for neat new ways to use the plant, whether that’s smoking, vaping, edibles, or any other method of ingestion.

Perhaps there’s no better way to welcome you to the future of weed than with the world’s first laser bong, the Hitoki Trident.

We know what you’re thinking, is this state-of-the-art bong worth the hype or even the $499.99 price tag? Keep reading to see if the Hitoki Trident is Herbworthy Certified.

About The Hitoki Trident

Innovation is the name of the game at Hitoki. Its flagship product, The Trident, is quite the stand-out device.

For starters, it puts traditional cannabis consumption rituals at the forefront but with a unique modern spin.

The innovative technology of this device uses a patent-pending laser system that combusts dry herb similar to a magnifying glass under the sun.

Laser combustion may sound a little dangerous, but the laser is safely contained within the device and does not activate unless The Trident is locked.

Laser combustion lets you experience the pure flavor and potency of your favorite strain without masking its taste with yucky butane.

It uses a fraction of the water that regular bongs do, and it’s incredibly easy to use, clean, and maintain. Plus, the modern, minimalist design is perfect for any sesh space or even smack-dab in the middle of your living room.

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Is The Hitoki Trident Herbworthy Certified?

When it comes to new, exciting devices in the cannabis industry, the Hitoki Trident takes the cake. 

For that reason, we’re happy to give The Trident five stars and the official Herbworthy Badge. As the frontrunner for bong innovation, it wouldn’t be fair to rate this device anything less. 

For a rundown on how we rate products and brands, check out our Herbworthy Scorecard. For accessories, we rate them based on four main factors;

  • Innovation
  • Relevance
  • Ease of Use
  • Effectiveness

By now, you should understand why Hitoki is leading the way in industry innovation. 

Its approach to traditional consumption paired with modern technology is wildly impressive, which leads us to our second point, its relevance. 

On a more personal note, my preferred sesh is with a bong, and most of my friends would agree. 

When the Hitoki Trident enters the picture, I imagine bong users hurling themselves at Hitoki’s website to snag this long-haul, first-of-its-kind device. 

General bongs are easy, low-maintenance, and hit very hard. Hitoki maintained these beloved aspects of bong smoking with its state-of-the-art device. All it takes is a little water, dried flower, and the push of a button. 

Also, cleaning it is effortless. By detaching The Trident’s water reservoir, you can easily access the points that need cleaning instead of shaking your alcohol mixture around a glass bong like a madman.

Finally, The Trident is highly effective and even more effective than average bongs that need a spark of butane to light your herb. 

This futuristic device lets you experience your favorite strain’s intended flavor, aroma, and potency, all through laser combustion and clean vaporization. 

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