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How Omura’s Whole-Flower Cartridges Are Changing The Way We Vape

With high-tech, design-forward, easy to use devices, and cartridges that combine the benefits of whole flower with the convenience of vaping, Omura is revolutionizing the industry and showing how the future of vaping looks. Created with Omura.

Omura Series X. Photo courtesy of Omura

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We’re living in probably the most exciting and eventful times for cannabis. For starters, more and more US states and countries around the world continue to legalize it. It’s clear that society is changing, and the stigma around cannabis is a thing of the past. 

With weed being legal, the quality, diversity, and availability of products boomed. Nice dispensaries replaced shady dealers, and weed became more than just smoking joints. Nowadays, there are many different ways to enjoy cannabis: edibles, concentrates, topicals, and most recently, vape pens. 

Offering a more discreet, convenient, and sometimes healthier alternative to smoking, vaporizers are among the best-selling products in today’s cannabis market. And there’s a new brand that is revolutionizing the vaping world by bringing in a new whole flower, high-tech alternative that promises to be the next big thing in vaping by delivering controlled doses designed to enhance your moments without getting you too high. Enter, Omura.

Watch this episode of Herb Unboxed to learn everything you need to know about this brand that is revolutionizing the vaping world.

About Omura

Founded in 2018 by a group of engineers, designers, and cannabis enthusiasts, Omura is a California-based brand created with the mission to lead the next generation of vaping. It offers a sustainable, tech-forward approach to vaping through high-tech, stylish looking devices and precisely dosed pre-filled whole flower cartridges, or “Flowersticks”.

With Omura, you get the best of smoking and vaping in a beautifully designed device. Omura combined the convenience and ease of vape pens with the multiple benefits of consuming whole flower. The result is a hassle-free dry herb vaping experience that preserves and highlights all the natural components of the cannabis flower without any harmful chemicals, additives, or smoke.

Next-Generation Devices

Omura’s vaping revolution is evident just by looking at its futuristic-looking vaporizers: the Series 1 and the all-new Series X. Featuring a stylish, sleek design, these devices fit comfortably in your hand, and their portable size lets you easily put them in any pocket or purse for on-the-go use. 


Series X

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Omura’s approach brings together, and improves, the convenience of a concentrate vaporizer with the safety and experience of a dry herb vaporizer. With concentrate vapes, the risk is the multiple chemicals involved that are getting into our system and taking a toll on our lungs. Dry herb vapes eliminate that risk but still may burn your product, without mentioning the extra effort of grinding and packing it, losing some product in the process.

Omura’s devices feature Heat-Not-Burn technology that allows the device to heat up to the exact temperature required to activate all the plant’s naturally occurring components. Omura’s proprietary heat curve is engineered to fully activate the Flowersticks’ cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids without burning the plant and reducing the exposure to harmful chemicals. The result is a low odor, mess-free vaping, and a flavorful, balanced high that enhances the entourage effect.

A True Whole-Flower Experience

Using the latest technology, biodegradable materials, and only whole cannabis and hemp flower, Omura created its revolutionary cartridges: Flowersticks. Designed to work exclusively with Omura devices, these pre-filled Flowersticks offer a comfortable, exclusive, and sustainable vaping experience.

Omura uses its patented technology to grind and pack whole flower cannabis into the Flowerstick. The process preserves the flower’s integrity and minimizes oxidation. The result is a smooth, ‘heat not burn’ experience that allows for consistent, easy, and enjoyable puffs so that you can enjoy the full flavor, aroma, and effect of whole flower without combustion.

Each Flowerstick holds a precise amount of whole flower, no trim, or chemical additives. The wrap is made of food contact grade, rainforest safe, biodegradable, and compostable paper. Each session will last for three minutes. After that, put the leftover stick in the recycling bin or add it to your home compost.

Using it is as simple as plug-and-play. Just insert one Flowerstick in your Omura device and turn it on. Once the LED lights indicate that the desired temperature has been reached, start puffing. That’s it: no grinding, no cleaning, no hassle. 

Omura partners with only the best hemp and marijuana cultivars in the country to create its flowersticks. They all have met Omura’s Flower Brand Standards, ensuring no trim, or chemicals in the flowerstick, just 100% whole flower.

Find Omura’s hemp CBD flowersticks nationwide. And their new THC Flowersticks, made with some of the most notable cultivators, such as TSO Sonoma, Humboldt’s Finest, and Revolutionary Clinics, are now available in dispensaries across California and Massachusetts.

Precise Doses For A Social High

Omura’s devices are specifically designed to cause a mild buzz where you’re elevated but present, able to get stuff done. The devices’ precision makes it easy for you to control your intake and regulate your high by layering your Flowersticks. With Omura, the risk of getting too stoned is gone and replaced by the comfort of a carefully controlled buzz.

Think of this as drinking wine. One Flowerstick is the equivalent of drinking one glass. Want to get higher? Have another Flowerstick! They are engineered to elevate you one Flowerstick at a time so you can tune your dose until you hit the spot. Stay present, elevated, and active with Omura.

Experience The Future Of Vaping

Omura is the perfect device for every type of cannabis user. From the total newbie to the long time connoisseur. The devices and Flowersticks are designed with a small and precise amount of flower to ensure that you remain in control of your high. Take it with you for on-the-go use for an extra chill at a social gathering, or keep it at home for a pre-bedtime sesh. Either way, go with Omura and experience the future of vaping.

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December 15, 2020 — Last Updated February 18, 2021
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