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Learn | 11.17.2022

Infuse Any Ordinary Beverage With Delta 8 THC At Disko Toke

Want a good buzz without the dreaded hangover? Check out Disko Toke's dissolvable Delta 8 Tokens.

We all deserve to let loose. Freeing the mind and body of the week’s stress by hitting the bar or club is a great way to blow off steam. It’s the morning after that might leave you with some regrets.

Whether you’re sober curiouscanna-curious, or sick of hangovers, we have the perfect solution. Disko Toke’s Delta 8 Tablets, often referred to as “Tokens,” can help you turn any ordinary drink into you your own Delta 8 THC-infused beverage.

These tokens are an excellent way to have a drink without reaching for booze. Plus, the flagship Mellow Rita flavor carries its own tasty lemon-lime flavors. A refreshing and relaxing buzz without the hangover—what’s better than that?

About Disko Toke

Photo courtesy of Disko Toke

Disko Toke was founded on the notion that everyone deserves to have a buzzy alternative to alcohol. Not only that, but the brand strives to help people relax, chill out, and treat themselves to a drink that won’t do them any harm.

We hate to get morbid, but research shows that more than 140,000 people die from alcohol poisoning each year in the United States. There’s no denying that alcohol can be dangerous, and even just a few drinks can keep you locked to your bed the following day.

Disko Toke is your happy alternative. Some people are already looking for alternatives, and others haven’t considered them. Their Delta 8 Tokens are a valuable social tool that induces clarity, relaxation, and social courage without “liquid courage.”

Arden of Disko Toke thought of the idea mid-pandemic after realizing that the consequences of alcohol weren’t worth it. Thus, she launched the brand to raise awareness for alcohol alternatives and provide dissolvable tokens that infuse any beverage with a chill and uplifting buzz.

A Token For Your Thoughts

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Disko Toke enables you to get creative and spice up your me-time or social settings with dissolvable Delta 8 Tokens that anyone can appreciate.

For one thing, all Delta 8 Tokens contain zero sugar, calories, and regrets. Just good vibes in a dainty and flavorful token that never cause a hangover. It’s by far the easiest and most affordable way to get a buzz.

Each Disko Toke Delta 8 Tokens package comes with ten tokens, containing 10mg Delta 8 THC each. Compare that to buying ten alcoholic beverages—you’re likely doing your pockets a favor.

These tokens come in Mellow Rita, a refreshing and tangy lemon-lime flavor with salty-sweet notes to ensure you enjoy whatever you’re sipping.

Disko Toke’s Delta 8 Tokens are the most effective, flavorful, and uplifting booze replacements on the market. Experience a social buzz without hangovers, calories, sugars, and regrets.

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