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Learn | 12.21.2021

Infused Pre-Rolls: Everything You Need To Know

Pre-rolls just got better. Created with Stiiizy.

Pre-rolls are quickly becoming one of the stoner’s favorite ways to get high. No need to grind, fill and roll, it’s all of the shelf and ready to be lit up.

A pre-roll is typically a pre-rolled joint filled with high-quality cannabis and can be found in any flavor and strain you can imagine. They come in different sizes and styles, making each one unique. 

On the top of our list you’ll find Stiiizy’s Live Resin pre-rolls, so go ahead and have a look.

They’ve got premium flower rolled in delicious paper with live resin, available in a huge variety of strains and flavors. 

For the sativa lovers, they’ve got anything from Banana Split to Orange Crush.

If you’re more of an indica person, you’ll love Rainbow Kush and White Raspberry.

If you’re looking for a hybrid, check out their Juicy Melon and Sour Apple.

What's An Infused Pre-Roll And How Are They Made?

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Now that we’ve got the basics of a traditional pre-roll down, it’s time to get into a variant that boosts the pre-roll experience: infused pre-rolls.

The biggest difference between the two is potency, as they’re infused with an extra dose of same-strain CO2 oil, along with other cannabinoids like CBD and THC blends, and wax or rosin along with hash to give it an extra boost.

If you’re a weed newbie, you’ll want to take it slow at first.

Start with a puff or two and wait for the effects to set in before going hard, as infused pre-rolls really do pack a punch.

What's The Difference Between Regular Pre-Rolls And Infused Pre-Rolls?

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We’ve said it before but we’ll say it again: infused pre-rolls are much more potent than regular ones.

By adding terpenes, hash, rosin, and CO2 oil, the difference can be massive.

What an entire joint can have you feeling by finishing it, a few hits of a pre-roll will have you flying higher than ever before.

Tips For Smoking Infused Pre-Rolls

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If you’re just coming into the magical world of ganja, we recommend starting off with a regular pre-roll before going into the big leagues.

As fun as it is to get high as a kite, we don’t want you getting higher than you want to.

Once you feel comfortable with your cannabis intake, go ahead and try an infused pre-roll, but still take precautions.

A toke or two will be enough to get you started, and you can always smoke a little more if you feel like you can handle it.

This also goes for hardcore users, as infused pre-rolls are pretty much seventh heaven when it comes to smoking.

At any rate, it’s always a good idea to ask your budtender what to expect when it comes to trying your first infused pre-roll.

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