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Meet Blazy Susan: The World’s First Smoking Organizer

Say goodbye to messy coffee tables, broken glassware, and lost lighters. With the Blazy Susan spinning rolling tray, you can keep your stash and your smoking paraphernalia all in one place. Created with Blazy Susan.

When we started smoking weed, the last thing we were thinking about was being organized. But with countries across the globe voting for legalization, smoking cannabis is no longer viewed as a stoner’s habit. Pair that with how much the market has evolved, and the growth in knowledge on cannabis has turned the industry into one of the most important issues in the world today.

We can safely say that smoking cannabis is far from what it used to be. It has become one of the hottest discussion points in medical research, prompting us to evolve as consumers.

This consumer ‘evolution’ can come in many different forms. Part of it is being informed of the pros and cons of cannabis, and how the delivery method can affect your body positively or negatively (which seems to be the major point of conversation across the world).

However, companies like Blazy Susan have shown us that being a responsible cannabis smoker does not have to revolve around cannabis alone. They’ve carved a unique lane in the industry by placing special interest in other phases of the smoking process like rolling, organizing, and displaying your cannabis and smoking accessories.

Blazy Susan’s clear ethos serves as a grounding reminder that smoking cannabis can be a medicine (alternative or not) but it doesn’t have to stop being fun. Blazy provides an extensive collection of smoking accessories that include extra functional rolling trays and the world-famous Blazy Susan Pink Rolling Papers.

How It Started

As he was sitting on his couch looking at a messy and cluttered coffee table, Blazy Susan founder, Will Breakell, came up with the idea of a spinning rolling tray that would fix his smoking organization issues. This is how the Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray was birthed into existence. Available in a variety of different colors and wood finishes that adapt to almost every cannabis roller out there, there’s a Blazy Susan suited for every smoking setup.

Yet, the color that stands out the most in every Blazy Susan product is their signature and iconic pink. Perhaps most notable is their vegan, non-GMO, state of the art pink rolling papers. The first, and we’re tempted to say only, pink rolling papers in the industry. A high-quality slow burn option that gives off no aftertaste to your smoke, these pink papers and cones are a must for both connoisseurs and casuals.

Giving Back

Blazy Susan has made it a pillar of their business to give back to the community – that is why along with the distinguished pink colored line, the company also chooses to consistently donate a portion of proceeds to breast cancer research. They also create and participate in multiple fundraisers for the cause, as well as other local causes near and dear to their hearts. Looking ‘pretty in pink’ has only gotten ‘prettier’ with this noble company!

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